13 thoughts on “The Dread Pirate Muu Muu”

  1. You're welcome. Have you checked out the feeds from the lobby and entryway, yet?

    Hint: last Wednesday, about 3:30pm, evidence of criminal activity....

  2. Self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower going for the extra-ridiculous look. Again. Sadly, no matter how ridiculous the muu-muu, how ridiculous the silly hat to try to hide the fat freak's baldness, or even how ridiculous the 2kt gold-plated chain, none of it takes anything away from the repulsive reprobate's repulsiveness.

  3. Oh, look. I hadn't noticed that the skull and crosbones mumu also had liquor bottles on it, too.

    Go figure.

  4. Lordy, that asshole must be approaching 350 lbs by now. Drinking yourself to sleep every night adds the pounds on fast. And why the rotate of the photo - so the pocket of the muu muu ends up on the "guy" side? And where, just WHERE, is the life alert button? SHOULDN'T HE HAVE IT ON AT ALL TIMES? And he ain't Superman, so he should look into something other than the Clark Kent glasses - we all know his secret identity is DUMBFUCK.

    1. "Lordy, that asshole must be approaching 350 lbs by now."

      Approaching? 350 lbs? *PFFT*

      There is an older blog post written by the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (#ItsInTheVault) wherein he claims that at his heaviest weight, and prior to his DBS surgery, he was 387 lbs. And, whereas pictures (Who am I kidding? They are selfies, of course.) of him from that same time period most certainly depict an almost-400-pound, morbidly-obese creature... the selfies he posts now depict even a much, much, much larger creature than the 387-pound one.

      Annnnnd, he tweeted just a little while ago that he is ordering in enchiladas for himself for dinner this evening. My guess is this lazy, disgusting fatass wouldn't recognize a piece of fruit nor a vegetable if one came up and smacked him in his ginormous, garbage-filled gob.

      The Blob sits around on his morbidly-obese ass stalking, harassing, and defaming folks all day every day via the internet, leeching off the backs of hard-working taxpayers, collecting disability payments because he *supposedly* couldn't write anymore at his fedruhl gubmint job, shoveling heaven knows what and how much calorie-laden crap down his throat, and whines about the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and the havoc it is wreaking on his body.

      Everyone but the fat, lazy, lying dumbass knows it's not the PD. It's the fat, lazy, lying dumbass and his lack of self-control and his lack of any type of activity besides running his fat, sausage digits across his sticky keyboard.

      Bill Schmalfeldt is morbidly, morbidly obese. IMO -- He is well over 400 lbs. and climbing.

  5. It looks like he isn't taking care of himself (surprise! [/sarc]) now that he doesn't have a dying wife to wait on him hand and foot. If he dies sooner rather than later, I don't think it's because of Hoge and the Lickspittles. We certainly didn't cause that rash on his cheek and nose. He should get those checked out by a dermatologist.

  6. Just imagine this DiCK standing over you taking a picture as you slowly die in a hospital. I'd probably off myself rather than carry on. Say, how much longer did his wife last after that picture? Asking for a friend.

  7. He usually gives us his other side in these pretentious selfies. So if we're seeing what would be his 'bad' side how bad must the 'good' side look?

  8. Wow! So that is what a Deranged Cyberstalker looks like!

    Or is that the "Beware of Crazed Clowns" picture that the cops are posting?


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