23 thoughts on “So Quiet Today”

  1. Awwwwww... did someone's podcast/twitter spew/blog vomitous get interrupted??

    Too fucking bad, fatass.

    Eat a steaming truckload of dicks, you worthless fuck.

  2. So, aside from mashing the F5 key over at Hogewash, he's been harassing Aaron, signing John up for his posts at Bullyboy unread, and otherwise displaying his complete inability to stop digging, he's also been caught with a car?

    My. What a tangled web we weave and all that.

    Did he think all his lying would never catch up with him?

    Phone, MUNI.

  3. https://twitter.com/TheFatMan_BTR/status/788167424071925760

    If I was a betting man.... your worn out ol ticker will give out long before anyone elses, you worthless Lardvark.

    Do everyone else on this planet a favor and take the cure, douchetool.

  4. He's quiet because he's hatching his next cunning plan.


    1. http://67.media.tumblr.com/2b26a62c3227403550b006e750bea388/tumblr_mrnx69BsCB1seqktfo2_500.jpg
      Though in this case we should probably replace "mouth" with "fingers".

  5. Here is a fun one (safe link):


    Cousin Bill lookin' all badass and outdoorsy in the photograph, coming to kick your ass...

    Until you zoom in on the reflection in his oh-so-badass sunglasses, and it's the interior of his filthy apartment.

    Heh. Billy muy mas badass!!!!

    1. I had a friend, a Chilean woodworker, who, on one occasion had a block he was turning on the lathe explode.

      "Quien es más macho? The lathe!" He shouted while ducking and covering his head.

      Phone, bus.

    2. Not only that, but the t-shirt looks like it's been slit up the back and draped around him like a bib, the way they do with comatose patients at the mental hospital. The sunglasses just make him look dead.

    3. Even with a DL and a car he was too lazy to go to to the lakefront and just badly photo shopped himself in. What a fucking loser.

        1. Choices were limited...Ford stopped selling Lardos and Fatasses back in the late 1960s.

          Like an AMC gremlin, you rarely see one on the road, anymore.

          Frankly, I always pictured Bill as more of an El Camino man...

      1. I was about to say "He's gotta sleep sometime," but I'm not sure that's true...

  6. Maybe he's on the phone with his former pro bono lawyers. Begging them NOT to expose his defrauding the court and BILLING his flatulent arse for services rendered...

    I do NOT think Cavanagh Law Group would find Billy's concealment of sizable property very amusing 😛


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