Quarterly Housecleaning

Whether I need it or not, I try to go through my document files and clean out stuff that no longer has use to me, or that I have posted and no longer need to store.

I found the following fisking of a now-deleted DUMBFUCK post in my Draft folder, and because it makes me look even more genius than I actually am (for a rot-brained Zombie), I thought it might entertain the Horde to see what I thought then, and just how wonderfully it all turned out…

There seems to be a great deal of nervousness out there in some corners about my pending lawsuit to be heard in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Um, well…no, actually.  Nobody’s really nervous at all because everyone sees the HUGE obstacle to be overcome before anything really gets started. And that obstacle is the same as it’s ever been: Comes now Plaintiff William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr.

People who haven’t even been named as defendants (yet) are writing blog posts filled with misunderstandings of the law, misquoting the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and failing to comprehend that the concept of res judicata does not apply in cases where allegations have not been alleged or decided, either by a judge or by a dismissal with prejudice. Res judicata only applies where a case has been decided on the merits or, as in my case, when the case was voluntarily dismissed with prejudice. But that only counts for charges that were, or could have been, litigated in the dismissed suit.

Be that as it may, this case is still unlikely ever to see the inside of a courtroom.

My current complaint against Grady is loaded with allegations that occurred after August 20, 2015, and therefore could not have been litigated in the dismissed lawsuit.

They can’t be litigated at all unless they state a claim on which relief could be granted.

Any party (current or yet to be named) in the case of Schmalfeldt v, Grady et al, in the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Case #1:16-cv-07150, should address their concerns about the case to Michael Sorich, Esq., with the Cavanagh Law Group of Chicago, IL. It is not incumbent on me to answer to or address misstatements of law made by defendants (named or yet-to-be-named) in the case.

No it isn’t, but you won’t be able to resist running your slobbering gob about it anyway.

You are merely providing your readership with misinformation that will make you look sillier than usual when you are proven to be incorrect.

Just like every other time before.  Oh, wait. YOU were the incorrect one proven to look sillier than usual ( a difficult task, to be sure), ALL SIX PREVIOUS TIMES.

Again, my advice to all is to chill and try not to overthink anything.

Physician, heal thyself.

There are currently two defendants in the case. There may be more.

I bet not.

If there are, those people will be notified by my attorney.

I bet not.

Res Judicata can’t apply as I am not alleging anything that has already been alleged and decided.

Oh…I bet not.

There will be an initial status hearing on September 29.

I’ll believe that when I see an actual lawyer – bound to a set of ethical rules – review this pile of shit and decide it’s worth pursuing.

I understand the nervousness and anxiety. I’m not saying certain folks don’t have cause to be nervous or anxious.

Oh, I am! I say exactly that. I’m definitely saying there is one and only one person involved here who has cause to be nervous or anxious: your lawyer.

I’m just saying…

Chill. Lawyer up if you feel the need.

Why bother before anyone is successfully served with a summons?

And remember… this has been four years in the making. What will be will be.

Four years in the making? Nice to know where the focus was while the Ashtray Soulmate wasted away.   


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Quarterly Housecleaning”

  1. All has proceeded as you foresaw? Sounds legit. Technically any moran with the slightest knowledge of the Laardvark could have predicted him getting thrown out on his ass yet again.

  2. In other circumstances we'd have to change your name to THE Prescient Prince of Parody (may DONATIONS and FUN be always upon him), or THE Psychic Prince of Parody (may DONATIONS and FUN be always upon him), but DUMBF5CK.

  3. Looks like his idea for his next LOLsuit got shot down.


    Like that's ever stopped him before.

    1. Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Fuck you, you rotund sack of slime ridden dogshit!!! You ain't EVAH going to hit that lawsuit lottery... so quit fucking that chicken and go play bingo with the invalids in your group home. At least the IQ level we be equal and you might even get lucky (as long as they don't know what the "Google" is).

  4. Res Judicata can’t apply as I am not alleging anything that has already been alleged and decided.

    Yeah... no, I don't think that's entirely how res judicata works. If it could have been alleged in a previous lawsuit, then you can't go back for a second bite at the apple.


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