Of Course He Has A Car

Didn’t I just say that? 

See, unlike Your Jovial DUMBFUCK, I deal in facts, not fakery. Truth, not forgeries.

I knew.  I had my sources. I had my information, and I had my confirmation.

Confirmation that Bill Schmalfeldt is, and ever has been, a lying piece of shit.

There is one thing I don’t understand, though.

If there is no valid stalking/no contact order, as the proven liar says, if there never was a valid stalking/no contact order as the vile fabulist maintains, and if I really am Patrick Grady as the LYING FUCK simply cannot seem to decide for sure: “Dave, who is Paul Krendler?”…


Then shouldn’t “I” have gotten a phone call or an email by now?


Or is the liar just lying some more?

Place your bets.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Of Course He Has A Car”

  1. 12:01:10am on whatever day. I bet he has a whole lot of stuff in his draft folder just waiting to be sent.

    I thought that one of the reasons he got that apartment was it had Van Service. Did he get BANNED form the Van?

    1. With any luck, the next van to pull up in front of his domicile will be a party van.


      (Reference: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/4chan-party-van )

      1. I'll settle for local police with an arrest warrant.

        Of course, that would require some victim(s) to file police reports about Billy's behavior...

        1. Oh, victims have done so over the years. Sadly, the police generally just tell them to just get off the internet rather than take BS's actions seriously as the criminal acts they are. And that is assuming that the laws in whatever state they are dealing with have even caught up to the 21st century.


    I distinctly remember that fat cholesterol fart telling a court under penalty of perjury that he was too disabled to barely walk... let alone drive.

    And now he is renting cars to take day trips??

    You just don't get this whole "perjury" thing, do you Shitstain??

  3. Hey Bill- we know EVERYTHING, and as soon as we can prove that you look at those dirty (and illegal) websites you look at without revealing sources? Prison has decent medical care. So you have that going for you.

    1. Given the treatment pedophiles get behind bars, Billy's gonna NEED decent medical care in jail. Specialists in proctology. On a daily basis.

      1. I'd bet money every con in the joint will run screaming from that hind end. Do felons say "Eeyew!"? I guess I'm supposed to know but for some reason it escapes me.

  4. I'm sure his welfare lawyer looked into ALL of Bill's restraining orders. If he couldn't find one in IL, I'm sure Bill would have been crowing about it long before now. Which, logically, means that Bill is lying his ass off yet again and today is a day ending in Y. Bill, don't you know by now that you have a HUGE tell when you are lying?

        1. I hope someone lets Lynn know that he is now mobile, and if he can't get PG's police department to do his bidding and harass Patrick, he may decide that someone else is Krendler again.


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