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  1. Trumplosion isn't happening? I thought I read that on BU somewhere.

    Hillary drops like a like a 61 year olds truck stop whore's tits with a nuke detonator?
    Quandaries, Quandaries.

  2. I'm posting this question here because I did not want to defame the dog story post which was up previous.

    What in hell happened to Dumbfuck's dogs? He used to go on and on about them and threatened people with the usual strife when he perceived some damn thing as a threat to them and in a heartbeat they disappeared from the face of the earth. Leave them with the kid? Pound? Dump in the country? Enquiring minds and all that.

    1. Abuse and neglect of animals is a symptom of sociopathy
      Bill Schmalfeldt is a sociopath

    2. "What in hell happened to Dumbfuck's dogs?"

      Why he abandoned them, of course.

      Much like he has abandoned dozens-upon-dozens of blogs, podcasts, and Twitter accounts, abandoned numerous jobs, abandoned two marriages, abandoned two sets of children resulting from those marriages, and abandoned his third wife as she lay dying so he could keep up with his all-important, all-encompassing internet Flame Wars.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt... he's a real peach.

      1. The moment he became the captive caretaker, those dogs moved from Assets to Liabilities, and the inevitable became reality.

        1. They were probably really Gail's dogs anyway. I hope they, TJ, and the girlfriend are having a grand time together without the irritation and creep factor of Unca Biwwy.

        2. However what probably happened is he took them to the vet and had them zotted. I've known people who arranged to have their pets put down after they died. They think their pets would be too miserable without them. Usually the pets go on fine.

        3. Exactly, Dara.

          As much as I like my cats, and as much as they appear to like me, they're just basically pocket tigers, and they will like anyone who recognizes that the kibble must flow.

          Now, I've seen a few exceptional cases of dogs mourning their owners. Most of them, however, get over the loss pretty quickly.


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