Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

Is William the patron saint of Self Awareness FAIL?

If so, DUMBFUCK’S name is well-chosen, indeed.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Is it time to tie up BU, Weiners, JournaDumasses, Breitbart, Hillary, Bill,DC, Cockblocking Cub-Scouts, the Media and Stupidity?
    Why yes, it is:

    Take the cure Fatass

  2. Cocktober surprise, Shakes.

    It's like the Spanish Inquisition, you rarely expect it.

    No one denies this.

  3. Isn't it cute how Fatty McFatass tries to be relevant politically on his Twitter account?

    That lying bitch is going down, Blobbosaurus... Just like you.

  4. "....what would Jesus think about a fat fucking hypocrite?"

    Well KB, I know Jesus loves you, but that doesn't mean He likes you, or your actions, words, wanting to pee on children, or your homoerotic fantasies about Cub Scouts.

    Remember he said: "He without sin, cast the first stone" or "Do not talk about the sliver in your neighbors eye, when you have a LOG in your eye"

    1. LOL, so fat fucking hypocrite Bill Schmalfeldt ( = LiberalLad on OurTime for the googling Wisconsin ladies... ) is calling someone ELSE a "fat fucking hypocrite"??

      That's some next-level meta-hypocrisy right there!

  5. So, the absolute best quote I've read about this whole Weiner kerfuffle: "Anthony Weiner wanted to sext and bang 15-year-old hotties, and instead he ended up fucking a 70-year-old lesbian."


    1. If I was a betting man... I think Karoli is the one he hopes will be the next captive nurse. I love it how he is constantly trying to engage her on Twitter and she either ignores him or tells him to piss up a rope.

      I LULZ when I see her tagged on his Twitter drivel.

      1. That's not going to work. Karoli actually has *prospects*. Cousin, set your sights a lot of those immigrant janitor ladies with about 50 words of English, and an appreciation of how a fat man will survive crop failure, is more your speed.

        Plus, she's a wizard with a mop.

        1. That will certainly be handy the next time he fouls his pleather WalMart recliner

  6. I give you unparalleled GS 13 editor skills

    The Fat Man ‏@TheFatMan_BTR Oct 28

    @GovMikeHuckabee Try using "humor" once, instead of bigoted hate screed. Frankly, I laugh every time I hear you speak.

    If you laugh at everything then he's using humor. I understand it may be difficult for you to understand since your idea of humor is writing stories of cub scouts being anally raped and pissed on.

    1. He's. So. Freaking. Dumb.

      And, BTW... I thought Huckabee's tweet was pretty darn funny. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has absolutely no sense of humor. Those who actually possess a sense of humor are capable of laughing at something humorous even if it is delivered by someone not of their own political stripe. Those who actually possess a sense of humor are, too, able to laugh at themselves. They can actually engage some good, old-fashioned ribbing and self-deprecation.

      But, noooooooooo... not "The Jovial One" (*pfft*) Bill Schmalfeldt. He may fancy himself a comedian what with all of his "hilarious" bits about young children being anally raped while adults watch on. And, I'm sure he believes himself to be the next coming of Woody Allen or a Louis C.K. or whatnot the way he goes on-and-on about urinating on children.

      But, instead the Adjudicated Cyberharasser and Adjudicated Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is nothing more than a humorless, thin-skinned, demented, leftist pansy who gets his kicks by trolling his betters, and attempting to insult and demean those far funnier and smarter than he could ever hope to be. BS's tweet above (once again) showcases how desperate he is to be relevant... but instead, he simply comes off as ignorant, crass, and pathetic (per always).

      And, really? Going at a self-professed Christian... a pastor... with the whole "You're a hypocrite! WWJD?" bullshit?! Sooooo typical of a Godless, rabid, intellectually-deficient leftist. *yawn*

    1. "I'm not digging his Twitter account.
      What to do? What to do?"

      You do you, my friend. lol!


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