World-Famous Asshole/Fake Journalist Violates Every Ethical Principle He Can Remember And Several He Never Bothered To Learn

Bill Munko (proto-communist asshole) of St. Franci, Wisconsi, a wide-assed, tiny-brained, self-described but failed journalist who spends his days filing fatally-flawed lawsuits against his enemies and lying to federal judges to get free lawyers, is in the midst of a lawsuit he filed against people who make his fat butt hurt by accurately quoting him and exposing his embarrassing resemblance to a giant penis. Bertt Klimberin (leftist bomber and pedophile) of Bethesd, Marylan, the failed musician and self-important but uselessly litigious scam artist who runs the fake charity Justice Throw Moosic and leads Lillefeldt around by his alcohol-reddened false journalist nose, filed a motion containing a scandalous, impertinent, immaterial and false accusation against an uninvolved third party in a lawsuit where the poor dumb bastard is getting his drug-dealing ass kicked because he can’t follow the fucking rules, exactly what you’d expect of a parolee who’s spent most of his life under the direct or indirect supervision of the Corrections Division of the United States Department of Justice (if that’s the right name, who knows?). Paralegal WJJ Hoge posted a copy of that motion, leaving out the false and scandalous accusation leveled by Federal convict Bertt Coalman Klimberin, husband of Tittyana and father of one. That is to say, Hoge redacted the scandalous accusation, in much the same way that an honest and ethical journalist (unlike the penis-faced, fired-from-the-Examiner Lester Klemper) would do.

In effect, Mr. Hoge inserted himself into the story the way Bill Matthews would do, in the style of journalism verité that Matthews loves using as an excuse to avoid the obligation of objectivity which – if he paid it even the least attention – would cripple his undisguised bias toward godless communist policies, hard-left fascism and the attendant outright lying he employs in the stories he types (calling it writing is simply ridiculous) and publishes for no legitimate news organization. Except Hoge inserted himself as an agent of reasonableness and restraint, unlike the insane dickfaced weasel peddling bullshit from his mayonnaise-smeared Mangina Cave on the shore of Lake Michiga. Mr. Hoge deigns to refer to himself as a journalist, but a journalist like Billy Big Rig does not decide the truth of statements made in court motions. A journalist like Billy Big Rig either publishes the motion in full and comments on the portions he believes to be untrue — with supporting documentation as to why he has come to that conclusion. A true journalist like Anonymous, the world-renowned author of Confessions of An Internet Troll (or whatever the title is) and admitted author of this website, would publish the name of a rape victim or the name of Tittyana Klimberin’s elder daughter by [name redacted]. He does not deny his readers the opportunity to make their own decisions — although given that Mark in Maryland’s readers are entirely imaginary, it is likely they would believe whatever the Johnnie Walker-saturated anal rape enthusiast told them to believe.
In the interest of telling the entire story, the latest bullshit fake news site being parodied here magically obtained a copy of the motion, unredacted, and published it.

Being possessed of ethics, integrity, personal responsibility, self-control and wisdom, we will not repeat that grievous error.

Of interest is the fact that poor Wester Kwemper pretends to want to keep the anonymous source of that motion anonymous by FAILING to hew to his own supposed rules and provide the source of his information. Fortunately DerSchnitzelmeister is a fucking idiot, a fact so evident that there is no objective need to confirm it. Even so, confirmation exists.

When Brettsnutsack Bangsoffhischin uploaded the copy of the motion that he “obtained” to Scribd, he forgot to remove the metadata from the Microsoft Macintosh Word file he received. The author of the document he received is:

…aka Bertt Coalman Klimberin, alleged statutory rapist and possible father of one by his alleged victim.

Does DUMBFUCKERY run in the Munko family?

Well, his First Date Soulmate did marry him, so…maybe.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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    ISWYDT and there, and there, and there... bwahahahaha

    Our beloved host once again earns his title THE Prince of Parody (may DONATIONS and FUN be upon him always).

    My sole criticism is that it's much, much, much too good for the likes of the repulsive, rotund, reprobate.

  2. Awesome - exactly the LULZy content to which we have become addicted at Thin King Mun Some Bee!


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