11 thoughts on “Why Proofreading Matters”

    1. Are you implying Supergirl his cousin is a slut and would have a disease? If that's the case, she must be hanging out at night with Catwoman and Harley Quinn

    1. I showed this to my college age kid and my husband. The response from both was a strong laughing snort. I think there was an "ooops" in there too.

      Phrasing indeed.

  1. "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" by Larry Niven. A short article discussing the implications of Superman's sex life.

    Lois Lane wouldn't survive without the involvement of kryptonite. Head blown off, skeleton crushed -- it's not pretty. Streaks of near-light velocity particles around the Kent farmstead once he enters puberty... The question of Supergirl is deferred, as they're first cousins and that would be going too far.


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