Why Did Breitbart Unmasked Hire A Racist Editor?

In a recent article at CabinBoy Unread, contributing editor Bill Schmalfeldt displayed an appalling stripe of racism when he posted the following side-by-side photographs:

As the reader can see, he captioned the photo on the right “Is this Mrs. Aaron Walker? 15 years and many pounds ago?”

While it is plainly obvious that Schmalfeldt is a racist in the classical “All those people look the same to me” vein, there are other examples of Schmalfeldt’s base hatred for “the other” in his obviously contrived “some of my best friends are Negroes” relationship with that one token Facebook friend he once trotted out in an effort to cement his limousine flatbed-and-forklift liberal bona fides.

A blog post requesting comment on this story, left where he would never think to look, went unanswered before an arbitrary deadline passed.  So we can assume that this story and the conclusions reached herein are absolutely true.  Any contrary, exculpatory evidence suggesting that Bill Schmalfeldt is not the vile, racist pig everyone knows he is should be submitted as a comment to this story, per established journalistic standards as practiced by Schmalfeldt himself. Goose, gander…some assembly required.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Why Did Breitbart Unmasked Hire A Racist Editor?”

  1. The entire world - except for whatever patch of landfill is set to receive his remains - would be better off if stupid son of a bitch Shakey McFaildoxx would choke on a dick and expire.

  2. There's a lot of racism on the left, most commonly the bigotry of low expectations. But yeah, the loathsome loser has repeatedly displayed such overt racism over the years, the left would boycott the grotesque ghoul over it, if they weren't already boycotting due to the hackery, depravity, and repulsiveness.

    1. My elder younger sister, the Democratic party apartchik, informed me once that the only reason Republicans didn't want to pay higher taxes was that we didn't want our money to go help "poor brown people". (!) I pointed out that that was one of the most racist things I'd heard in ages, and I'd never heard anything like that from anyone on the (R) side of the fence. Her response was that of course no one would say it out loud, they just thought it.

      She couldn't tell me know she knew what they thought if they never ever said it. I guess I just never got my sercret VRWC decoder ring; I guess it got sent to her by mistake? (This last sentence is sarcasm, for the sarcasm impaired from TK who might be reading here.)

      1. Telepathy comes with Democrat party registration, apparently. I've heard hundreds of times from them how they knew what I was really thinking.

  3. "Any contrary, exculpatory evidence suggesting that Bill Schmalfeldt is not the vile, racist pig everyone knows he is should be submitted as a comment to this story, per established journalistic standards as practiced by Schmalfeldt himself."


    1. Contrary, exculpatory evidence? Like the discovery of Kryptonite?

      Being a vile racist pig, low IQ slim-ball, diaper squirting moron who can't help screaming to the world 'I'm a fucking Will Rodgers bitches', while dribbling mayonnaise from his chin and tripping over his shoelaces, is about as real as the laws of gravity, thermodynamics, supply and demand, the second amendment......

      $20 says he's one of those midnight clown wannabes terrorizing Circle K's in the early morning hours.

    1. He called Ali boy before so I guess he writes what he knows.

      Also, don't overlook his misogyny either. He hates woman as much as minorities.

      1. Well, he hates everyone more successful than he is. Which is why he's "excellent friends" with a guy who was convicted of perjury before he was 21, then considered a bombing campaign as a good way to distract police.

  4. Let's throw FiFi on this wagon as well. I had a time when the Dumbfuck Gang thought they had doxxed me through my FB account and located me to Jacksonville. DumbFerg called me a "meaty cunt". Never could figure if he was a misogynist or a cannibal.

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt is going to jail I guarantee it.

    He's relying on reluctance of Maryland to act swiftly against witness intimidation in a civil vs. criminal case.

    The judge may not be a prosecutor, but he will act.
    And Schmalfeldt, being Schmalfeldt, will end up in jail.

    His first lawyer told him so, and was right.

  6. I am not surprised that the FatFuck is a racist, not surprised at all. Scratch any Liberal and you will find a racist underneath.

    In fact just looking at him, you can tell he would be more comfortable wearing a white sheet mumu with a matching white pillowcase with eye holds in it.

  7. They wanted a "progressive". It's impossible to get one of those without racist baggage. Remember, eugenics was a "progressive" project. They got pissed when the crazy, anti-science religious types said it would lead to bad things, then quietly buried their support for it after their buddy Hitler showed people what they were calling for.


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