8 thoughts on “Which Is…Worse, Actually”

  1. We have to give the loathsome loser points for finally displaying some self-awareness, even though it was almost certainly not intentional.

  2. You can shower the poo off in a relatively short time. The thoughts? Ever see Silkwood?

  3. I'll believe he has thoughts when I see the results of some. I've seen amoeba comment "dude, think first" about Bill, and planaria have chimed in to day "hey, at least we learn".


  4. ANOTHER attention-whoring Twitter page by Bill Schmalfeldt.
    And yet he STILL denies being a public figure (in the legal sense of the phrase)?
    What a DUMBF5CK

      1. Ahh Jane, how clever. If he deletes everything and withdraws everything from Amazon, he might eventually stop being a public figure and so gain the protection of being a private person. But then he would be ignored by everyone. What a conundrum!


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