8 thoughts on “What?  I’m Shocked.”

  1. So, let me see if I understand this..

    He filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin which was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. After the dismissal, Schmalfeldt claimed he didn't lose on the merits.

    He then files in Illinois district court, lies about his pauperis status, manages to get an attorney assigned who then, within a couple weeks, tells him he doesn't have a case and therefore asks for dismissal without prejudice relieving the attorney from having to litigate the case.

    It's clear the attorney believes there wasn't a case to be had. Bill claimed his attorney was of competent legal Authority.

    So did he really lose the case on technical grounds or merits?

    Doesn't matter.

    Schmalfeldt - you're a baffoon - a first rate idiot of extraordinary magnitude. Stop while you are WAY behind. You're going to end up losing to Hoge in the end and you have no idea just how bad. So I would cut a deal, retire from the internet and live with what remaining dignity you have left.

    1. bwahahahahaha

      As if the loathsome loser ever had any dignity.... bwahahahahaha

      You should give a lulz alert on comments like that, MJ!

      bwahahahaha [breathe] bwahahahahaha

    2. It's not indigent, after all--it's indignant.

      If it weren't for indignity he'd have no dignity at all; gloom, despair, 'n agony on he....

  2. But ... but he had so much irrefutable evidence!

    I wonder how big John Hoge's folder is.

    Sweet dreams, Defendant Schmalfeldt!

    1. I'd say about an Empire State Building's worth if in hard copy. Since most of it is (probably) stored digitally, several terabytes, I'm sure.

      Think of all the storage space Mr. Bill saves himself by deleting his stuff and reusing those bits.


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