8 thoughts on “Spoken Like A DUMBFUCK Who Did It Twice!”

  1. I heard Bill Schmalfeldt of Juniper and Canticle Courts, St. Francis, WI, was busy on the internet when loathsome loser's wife left forever. Yup, the grotesque ghoul left a dying wife to describe her death-rattle on the internet, as part of the series live-blogging her death and every humiliating detail of her suffering.

  2. I seem to remember old Cuck FiFi coming home on his birthday to find his surprise. Maybe if he concentrated more on his wife than 14 year old girls? Who knows.

  3. So now we know what Bill did at least once when one of his multiple wives got the heck away from him.

    Broke all his mirrors and you know there had to be plenty.

    1. Yes, it would be a surprise if there weren't plenty of mirrors for the fat freak to frequently view the image with which it seems to be obsessed. In fairness though, the breakage may not have been deliberate. It could be just coincidence. It may be that was the moment in time when the grotesque ghoul reached a level of repulsiveness that broke any mirror it passed.

  4. Did Gail only leave the life insurance? Since she worked in an all cash business these questions need to be asked. I mean, two dollars here, four dollars there adds up for the pauper.

  5. my wife sends me stuff, a container of beautiful Bali furniture, a new house in houston, sent me her new truck. my three daughters and I had a great weekend in new Orleans with family, one daughter was at the lake house and just left. my youngest emailed and texted me (rare the cadet contacts as she is busy with the cadre) and my oldest called today to check up on me. I was glad to tell them I love all four of them and am still laughing at the crying and whining in court by pedophiles and pornographers


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