Lookit Mah New Monkey!

Dance, Monkey! DAAAAAAANCE!!
Dance, Monkey! DAAAAAAANCE!!
Or, is it the same old monkey?

The one who stands behind what he writes?

The one who always uses his real name?

The one who never hides under the porch like a scared puppy?

We all remember that monkey, that great advocate of shutuppery, now tragically (and ironically) silenced.

We mourn that monkey. (not really)

But just because that monkey is gone, we will not relent from mining that monkey’s vast Internet history for epic LULZ.

Because it’s FUN.

And all we have is FUN.
UPDATE: Apparently, having been informed by competent counsel that #DUMBFUCKGotNoCase, a Motion to Dismiss has been filed in LOLSUIT VII.


Yet again.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Lookit Mah New Monkey!”

  1. Captive lawyer must be thrilled with his idiot client's continuing insistence on engaging.

    Why am I starting to think that Lulzsuit VII has already been 86d?

  2. It must be the old monkey because that witless simian is the only being in the whole world who believes Krendler is being sued.

    You must, however, hand it to that inane ape. He has sued in a court without jurisdiction before. He has sued for a tort that does not exist under the laws of the state that he asserts, wrongly, is the forum state. But now he is going for the gold: suing someone for defamation for things said by a third party. Wrong grounds, wrong jurisdiction. Paltry errors for a pro se. But suing the wrong guy. Priceless.

      1. No rush. It's like motions to dismiss - the litigant just keeps filing them until something sticks! hahahahahaha

  3. Wow Paul, are you being sued by Leonidas The Fear Pee King?

    Have you received any court documents yet? Have you been served?

    No?!?! Then why should you prepare for a lawsuit that you are not a party of?

  4. I wondered why you were sueing yourself, since to my knowledge the only person who has had the balls to step forward and identify himself as Paul Krendler was William Schmallfeldt. You know, the guy with the copyrights and the book.

    "Other heroes would follow:
    Ashterah the brave.
    Sir Hoge, the Pure.
    And Bill Schmalfeldt, the not quite so brave as Ashterah.
    Who had nearly appeared at the restraining order of Grady.
    Who almost survived a Motion to Dismiss.
    And who personally wet himself at the Service of Tincasa."


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