11 thoughts on “It’s The Good Advice That You Just Can’t Take”

  1. What do you mean? King PeeonKids will take this advice soon enough - he nearly set a new record with deleting tweets, the account can't be far behind.

    And, just for the record, what was wrong with the analogy that guy made? Other than he was extremely low on the percentage of jihadists among "peaceful" Muslims?

  2. king fakenidos, creater of the pee wall formation, defender of the pedobears, holder of the invisible strings of brettensburg, is THE internet expert on deleting or being deleted on twittertown

  3. Again with the Imperative Voice of Command.

    I cannot figure out where he possibly could have been above anyone in any kind of hierarchy where could have gained the mistaken apprehension that anyone listens to him when he does this.

  4. To King Fear Peonidas:
    I will delete my account when you off yourself.

    Have a Nice Day,

    Signed: Normal People that Love Their Country unlike You Commie Bastards.

    1. An Artisinal Spring. OK, ok, an Artesian spring. Close enough.

      Say, Dave, I don't suppose you'd rename your blog the Artesian Craft Blog... asking for a friend...


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