Isn’t It Ironic?

Does anyone know how to grab a clip of 1.5 seconds or so, like the one at 0:53 in the video below, and just make it an infinite loop?

Or, to paraphrase Agent Starling from my VERY FAVORITE MOVIE:

You see a lot, King Peeonkiddies. But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself? What about it? Why don’t you – why don’t you look at yourself and write down the truth of what you see?

Or have you forgotten, Your Majesty, that YOU ARE THE MEDIA?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Isn’t It Ironic?”

  1. C'mon, Paul, you're being a little unfair. Golden Showers Schmalfeldt deletes his account about once a week on average!

    1. That's true...and probably no one would eat a second sandwich made by his hands, even with the gloves...but I still don't think this is him. There's no proof, only conjecture.

      Leonidas should probably change his sobriquet to the Snoracle of Dwebes or something...

        1. It sure does look like I was wrong about King Leonidas. Several posts originally authored by him now appear under DUMBFUCK'S byline.

          How could I have been so blind and trusting?

          I should know better.

  2. "Free speech for ME, but not for THEE."
    So sayeth DUMBFUCK Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you turn the television OFF if it's not saying things you don't like to hear?

  3. Is the Shit Rolling Fear Peonidas suggesting that cable new is worthless (I agree with him that CNN & MSNBC are a a waste of bandwidth) and we should only get our news from people like him?

    He thinks rather highly of his GS-13 journalist skills doesn't he?

    1. Apparently he thinks a lot more of his abilities than all his past employers. I mean unless he has evidence to the contrary it appears he's been fired from every journalism job he's ever held. (Except the navy where he just admits to malingering and was proven to be wearing medals he didn't earn.)


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