15 thoughts on “In The Matter of Leonidas v. DUMBFUCK”

  1. William "Hey, I only WRITE about raping cub scouts, I don't actually do it" Schmalfeldt likes to see himself as a powerful warrior. Unfortunately for him, everyone else who comes in contact with him for more than 48 hours knows what a mewling pussy he really is. Cry-Bully

    1. Or however long it takes to google the loathsome loser, and read its own whiny, attention-seeking, dementia-addled, depraved words.

  2. Shakes' major complaint on this one is more likely to be that he was -shopped onto the image of a person with, shall we say, an "African-American tinged voice."

  3. For Brett is kind. He will not require you to stand. He will permit you to kneel. So he can look you in the eye.

  4. "Come Dumbfuckonidas, Let us reason together. Oh, I see you are fresh out of Reason. Well then, let us go and cruise for misshapen truck stop dollies because I see you are fresh out of that too."


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