I, Happily, Am Not So Constrained

Over at Hogewash! John Hoge has detailed his opposition to DUMBFUCK’s request to phone it in from Wisconsin to the motions hearing on 29 September.  From an abundance of caution and respect for contract law, he has chosen to redact Exhibit A from his online document.

Here’s an archived copy of the spoliated original.

And a lovely screencap in addition!

Who would have thought that being a liar, and a really, really bad one, could lead to so much trouble?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “I, Happily, Am Not So Constrained”

  1. Who would have thought that being a narcissist who posts his every move on the internet could lead to so much trouble?

  2. Who? Literally every decent, moral person, and anyone with two or more properly functioning brain cells.

    1. Compared to the fattest Pedoketeer, Archie Bunker's wife has the wisdom of King Solomon.
      Compared to the fattest Pedoketeer, Arnold Horshach has the intelligence of Copernicus.

  3. Yep, That ugly mug is the Fear Pee King. And yep, those are Chicago buildings.

    And since his fat ass wasn't teleported there, I can make an assumption with a greater than 95% confidence level that he TRAVELED via some mode of transportation.

    Thus he should be able to TRAVEL to Maryland for his scheduled Hearing on the 27th.

    No excuses, not whiny letters to the Judge, and no passing Go and collecting $200!

    1. I'm told that "Go" is not what the Fear Pee King prefers to pass.

      And $200 doesn't change hands for what does.


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