So when a DUMBFUCK talks about “threats to put me in jail,” does he mean like when he threatens people with jail for sending biohazardous material?

Or is he talking about his bogus charges for the “Forged Letter Caper” that he continuously accuses John Hoge of masterminding?

Or maybe the hundreds – thousands?  – of times he has promised that somebody was going to jail for perjury?

Perhaps he means the nine times he determined that someone was LYING!!!!!!!! in court to get a restraining order against him.

You know, that always goes so much better when you actually SLITHER OUT FROM UNDER YOUR SLIMY FUCKING ROCK and go to court. Take a note.

What interests me more is the fact that he calls that piece of crap a STORY and not an ARTICLE.

You see, articles appear in reputable publications and contain facts.

Stories, on the other hand, show up in disreputable rags like CabinBoy Unread, and contain nothing but unconfirmed bullshit.

And as our pal DUMBFUCK is so very fond of reminding us:

Sounds like the burden falls on the writer to prove, not on the subject to disprove. But I guess that rule only applies to other people.  You know, if a rule only applies for some people, sometimes, when it’s convenient, then it’s more of a suggestion than a rule, isn’t it?

And not even situationally ethical journalists like that soulless turdrolling, shitsniffing Cub Scout rapist (I have documentation, you know…just as authentic as yours, but I don’t even PRETEND to be a journalist…or ethical) we call DUMBFUCK have to follow suggestions, right?

Ahh…it’s okay, though.  All we have to do is write about…well, whatever we feel like writing about, whoever we feel like writing about.  Just follow the example set by our betters at SaveBrett’sBaconWhateverTheCost.com. If someone gives you a STORY…just assume it’s true. It’s a time-honored journalistic tradition, you know.

Sabrina Rubin Erdley will tell you how great it turns out…make ya famous.

Or just make it up, cuz that works too!

Ask Pulitzer Prize winner Janet Cooke.

Ask Stephen Glass.

Mike Barnicle.

Jayson Blair.


Oh, just one more thing…I don’t sound panicked, do I?  Because I sure don’t feel panicked.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Hey, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I'm not sure what he sees as "freaking out". I have yet to see a single person commenting who either thinks that this document is real, and even if it were, that it casts even a shadow of anything on the alleged victim here.

    What people seem to be appaled by is just how far down that these monsters will dig in order to attack people they dislike. That, and that they obviously feel like being the victim of a horrific crime is worthy of shame.

    1. All of TK fit in perfectly with the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists they're aligning themselves with. Only Islam believes that a woman who is raped against her will is guilty of shaming her family and so must be put to death.

      Which is odd, since Bill obviously felt that anyone who "shamed" his wife should be punished. By his own writings, she should have been thrown to the wolves as he is trying to do with the person he claims to be Aaron's wife. The only reason to broadcast this pack of lies is to try to get Islamic terrorists to target her. They would presumably consider actualy physical harm coming to the object of their lies to be a win, but if she and her husband just slunk off into the night to protect her that's fine with them too.

      I'm really beginning to wish I was the sort of person who 'knew' people and had the lack of ethics to contact them, IYKWIMAITYD.

  2. Paul

    I have heard that a fully authenticated document in GS13 level English from the Top Secret files of the National Intelligence and Security Agency of the Kingdom of Thailand is available from Alt-Right Anonymous. It has evidence that some guy from St. Francis, Wisconsin, had the lead role in a snuff film called "Culling Cub Scouts in Bang Cock."

    It is not clear from the document EXACTLY who was the film's lead, but it would be clarifying if you demanded a straight answer from Witless Willie about where he REALLY was when he said he was in Chicago recently. I have a friend who lives in that city who denies that she would have missed anything as gargantuan as Willie had he actually been there. You owe it to every zombie who relies on you for fearless reporting to dispel the rumors that a pair of gigantic, flabby, white buttocks periodically blocked traffic in Bangkok around the time all the city's Cub Scouts disappeared.

  3. Sources confirmed that Bill actually wipes his ass with a page of the Quran everyday

    You have until 6pm today to prove it wrong Shaky otherwise we know it's true

  4. Shouldn't the article...I mean story reset the Forgery Accident clock? Or are we only counting the forgeries in court?


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