Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Far be it from me to call a vile, racist DUMBFUCK “stupid,” (because I would never insult stupid people by making such a comparison) but I do have a question:

How did that forum non conveniens argument work out for you?

No comment?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. What a Stupid DumbFuck.

    We weren't calling him Stupid for filing an answer, we were calling him STUPID for what he did file.

    I didn't know anyone could out Stupid the Stupid, but he can.

    1. I don't know. I thought he was stupid for the length of time he spent contemplating and researching pertinant law regarding his answer.

      Then I read the answer, and didn't see any reason to change my mind.

  2. That he was given an extension doesn't mean he didn't default, just as if the cop let's you off with a warning doesn't mean you weren't speeding.

    Just cause you got lucky doesn't make it smart.

    1. "Just because the ticket was nolle prossed, doesn't mean I wasn't doing 80 miles an hour." -RS McCain

  3. Are you implying that a MD case, including at least three litigants who live in MD, wasn't moved to WI where a single putrid pro se pollutes the polity?? But Parkinson's! Did the judge know about the PD??

    Does it count as a !!death threat eleventy!! when a judge indicates a PD patient must participate in a MD lawsuit during winter?

  4. Er, he was in default. But Maryland decided to give him an extra 15 days.

    He's still a Dumbfuck.

    Phone, MUNI, for reasons explained earlier.

  5. BS was stupid because he was in default; as many have already pointed out, the judge just showed mercy (unwarranted in my opinion, but then maybe that's why I'm not a judge?) and gave him an extension. It's like the college paper due on the 1st which you totally forgot about until the last minute and hand the teacher a vaguely plausible excuse and since the prof is more interested in seeing your grasp of the subject matter than seeing your time management skills he/she gives you a few extra days. The paper is still late, even if the prof doesn't penalize you refusing to accept the paper or by lowering your grade.

    The fact that having been told that he was no longer in default (even if not in such words) and given extra time to respond, so he responds is not stupid. The act of responding is one of the few smart things he's done lately. What is stupid is the content of the response. It's got many issues, some obvious, others not so much so, but I for one think we should all refuse to discuss this openly. Why give BS free legal help, even though we know he'll read it and tell us we're the stupid ones?

  6. I am legitimately curious if, assuming that this goes to trial, will he be allowed to attend the entire trial via Skype? And if that works in other states, could that bode poorly for other members of TK who are hopeful they are safe from consequences because those they harass or slander or libel are many states away?

    1. Bob,
      In a sane world, and most other jurisdictions, the answer would be 'No.'



    2. I only know and understand what goes on in certain courtrooms. And the experience of a friend this week has taught me that different courtrooms in the same states can have different viewpoints. For example, when I phoned into the court in California, I was able to be sworn in and testify under oath. Another person, in another county in California, was told on Wednesday that because they phoned it in, they could not be sworn in and could not testify under oath. Here in North Carolina, one county court accepts affidavits that are notarized anywhere in the country. Another county only accepts affidavits that are notarized in that county. Which makes it extremely difficult when you are trying to get judgments on someone and you have different hoops to go through to get it done properly.

      So in the end, who the fuck knows? Because: US Judicial system. We are not the same even though we say that we are and by GOD we are going to prove it to you to your everlasting exasperation. Fuck you very much.

  7. "I am legitimately curious if, assuming that this goes to trial, will he be allowed to attend the entire trial via Skype?"

    I think the Judge just allowed it for the Motions Hearing, if it goes to trial, then I think the King Fear Peeonidas will have to travel his Fat Ass to Maryland.

    Oh, the cruelty! Not for being a PD having to travel, but making him miss lurking the Cub Scout Pack that meets at the local school.

  8. Paul

    Do you mean the forum non conveniens argument that the judge rejected with no more than a sentence of analysis? Do you mean the decision that Willie whined would make him haul his fat ass to Carroll County for trial? You mean that has not been covered in Bunny Boy Unread? And that Witless is crowing about his victory in avoiding default despite having 100% of his motions in this case denied? If a failure rate of 100% is victory, I cannot imagine what defeat even looks like.

  9. I just want to know if the DEFENDANT has enough juice in the golf cart of doom to make all the way back to Maryland for trial. Has he mastered the roaming button on the life alert yet?

    1. He has only mastered the roaming button of life alert to go to Chicago. By ignoring its existence. Because Lou Malnati's is JUST THAT DAMN GOOD.


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