14 thoughts on “Gail Who?”

  1. Did she get a vote about wheeling herself around doing chores, or was she forced to because her husband was too lazy?

    But now he's moving heavy furniture around all by himself because bachelorhood cures Parkinson's!

  2. "@Karoli Let me give you my expert medical opinion on old women, pneumonia and medical school. I've seen a bunch of Quincy re-runs so I know what I'm talking about!"


    No. Self-Awareness. At. All.

    1. Never had it, never will, which is why I'm so hopeful it will be part of self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower's special hell -- total self-awareness while reviewing its entire miserable, bitter, wasted existence.

  3. Pneumonia my a$$.
    If Hillary is SO Healthy, WHY is She Traveling with a Neurologist?

    1. Trump should hire a neurologist to attend all his campaign rallies and appearances so that when the press starts attacking him, demanding to know what his health issue is, he can state that apparently all the healthy candidates have neurologists on 24/7 call, so he thought he should have one too.

  4. Wait, isn't he no longer hiding behind pseudonyms? Or is Leonidas not supposed to be Bill? Or are there two guys with wives whose names were Gail, and both of them were doing the housework from wheelchairs until less than a week before they died?

    1. Apparently so. We all know Bill Schmalfeldt only blogs and tweets under his real name (or Bill Matthews, Matthew Lillefeldt, Lester Klemper, Bill Munko and maybe some others), so he can't possibly be King Leonidas.

      What a coincidence that King Leonidas and Bill Schmalfeldt both had wives named Gail who died less than a week after coming home in a wheelchair!

      Stunning, really. Hard to believe.

  5. Self-awareness fail #7,213,221

    HINT to DUMBF5CK: Just because you can live in your own shitty filth doesn't mean non-psychotic people can, too!

    Of course Gail went to heaven--she'd already endured Hell on Earth with Bill Schmalfeldt! (tm)


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