Ain’t No Party Like A Monkeydance Party…

Cuz a monkeydance party don’t stop!!


Dance, monkey! DAAAAANCE!!!

Dance Munko!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party Like A Monkeydance Party…”

  1. Ironic that King Fear Peeonidas has no problem spewing vileness about other peoples spouses, or wanting to pee on their children, but when anyone make any reference to his dead wife, he whines that they are crude animals.

    Yep, definitely Ironic!

    1. You forgot the 'k' - King Fear PeeonKidas

      And yeah, self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower hits families again and again, including children (hence restraining order obo a NC toddler), then thinks it excuses all of the grotesque ghoul's evil, including superimposing a skull over the face of an AZ baby, if anyone so much as mentions the fat freak's late wife. Not that she was mentioned in the quoted text; that's what's left of the lying laardvark's conscience making the connection.

      IF the blubbering buffoon care about her even a whit, it wouldn't have abandoned her to die alone in favor of describing her death-rattle as part of live-blogging every humiliating detail of her suffering and death.

  2. Sources told me Shaky's wife loved to hang out at Truck Stops and hum Peterbilts.

    Sources also wondered why Shaky didn't spend more TIME with her instead of drawing pictures of Mohamed nude?

    1. And it is because he doesn't understand that they are very different that he strikes out inappropriately at others.

      It will bite him in the butt someday. Hopefully he won't like it.

  3. I would note that describing something as occurring "before and after" a point in time, does not define when it occurs. GS-13 editing skills!

  4. He's kind of a dope. That was a slap at him and his goldbricking feigned helplessness. She was his caregiver when she was truly sick and he sat on his flabby behind.

  5. Old Stolen Valor Schmalfeldt says Krendler is over here raging. I came for the raging and can't find any. Don't tell me King Peeonkiddies is lying again??


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