Which Loop Are You In?

I’ll bet we can all name someone in the bottom loop.  And by “someone” I mean everyone would name the same guy.

Except that guy. Right, DUMBFUCK?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Which Loop Are You In?”

  1. https://twitter.com/MunkoTales/status/760976169357438976
    Will Munko ‏@MunkoTales 28m28 minutes ago
    Everyone who wants to go to jail with Patrick Paul Krendler Grady, line up along the wall. Someone will get to you. #evidence

    LOL, eat shit, Bill Munko! Your threats are no good here.

    1. They aren't threats. They're drunken fantasies.

      Oops, they could be DT delusions. I forgot that a DUMBFUCK pissed all his blood money away in a year. I bet that coffee doesn't taste as good without a good wallop of scotch in it.

  2. Every poster on this, Hoge's, Walker's, Palmer's, Stacy's, and the twins Dave sites could line up against any wall of your choice and would still be there no matter how many times you met with the FBI or Sheriff's office. No one is going to jail - EVER - over some stupid half-cocked theory of yours. And half a cock is more than you'll ever know.

    Maybe in Pretendy Land everyone goes to jail, but not in real life. Grady and Krendler (and the rest of the Lickspittles and Zombie Hordes) will remain free while you still breathe, and will continue to point, laugh and mock you relentlessly for being the World's Most Stupid GS-13 retiree.

    Phone, grocery store.

    1. Let's not be rash here, MJ. I believe that the Yokohama Casanova has had more than his share of cock.


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