Well, Wasn’t That Just Lovely?

Dance Munko!

Of course you didn’t visit.  Everyone knows you didn’t visit.

Since you are so obviously convinced that I must be Patrick Grady, it would be a  prima facie violation of an active Stalking No Contact Order if you were to visit this site.

Dance Munko!

Especially if your IP is blocked and you were paying for some service to allow you to get around that block.

CAREFUL, HORDE!!! There’s a live link to a shithole blog in this tweet:

CyberGhost PREMIUM?

Boy, do I feel special!

Though I must admit, being told I’m a bad liar by Mr. I-Never-Delete-Tweets is kind of rich.

Being called a bad liar by Mr. She-Blew-Her-Last-Semen-Saturated-Breath-As-I-Cradled-Her-In-My-Arms-And-Deleted-Emails-From-Whoever-I-Decide-It-Was-Today is a little bit funny.

Seeing Mr. I-Have-PD-Dementia-Judge-Grimm-No-I-Don’t-Yes-I-Do-No-I-Don’t-Oh-Fuck-It-Whatever’s-Most-Convenient-Today tell me I’m a bad liar makes me laugh.

Maybe I am a bad liar  It’s certainly possible. Is a good or bad liar defined by how often they lie, regardless of whether they get caught?  Or are they defined by how well they lie, regardless of how often?

My purpose yesterday was not to lie, because in the DMs where a DUMBFUCK can’t see, this was planned and executed to perfection.

Because it’s not about lying.  It’s about targeted deception.

And this:


Dance, Munko! DAAAAANCE!!

Dance Munko!

Wind him up and watch him go!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Well, Wasn’t That Just Lovely?”

    1. "Premium? You'd think a pauper would find better ways to spend his money."

      Just more evidence to present to the court of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt's IFP shenanigans.

    1. That graphic is so good, one can almost hear that popping sound, like when a parent pulls a pacifier from the mouth of a baby.

  1. "Why Krendler, you KNOW I never visit your site, because I have a software tool which makes it impossible to track me...and this proves that I have NOT visited your site because I have taken steps to make such visits unknowable to you..."

    That was pure Billogic.

  2. Be careful. Inspector Jiggles is going to share this post with the authorities. Tell us, Shakes. Do they at least show a modicum of professionalism and wait until you leave before they start their belly laughing? If so, it can't last much longer.

    Take the cure. G'morning, officers.

  3. PK--That was some mighty fine monkey dancing you orchestrated yesterday(as I wrote on BillySez last night). It's sad that a man in his sixties is so easily manipulated by a single & simple blog post. Get a life Bill!!!! Have you any sense of dignity or self-worth?

  4. Some interesting posts in the Hogewash Archives.



    1. From the first link – your comment, Minemyown...

      "The only person harping constantly about that letter is BS. Reminds me of the saying 'the guilty flee where no man pursueth.'"

      So. Much. THIS.

    2. So dumbfuck claims the letter is a forgery and yet analysis done on it showed that it was printed off the same printer as other letters that dumbfuck admits to sending? Now he says that it's a forgery? You can't make this shit up.

      He's saying that someone broke into dumbfuck's redneck feces-filled trailer while the immobile dumbfuck was there, printed off a letter off his printer, traced his signature, and mailed it to Hoge to frame the dumbfuck?

      "That's gold, Jerry! Gold!"

  5. Will Munko @MunkoTales ∙ 1h
    Admitting you are makinge me "dance" is the same as admitting you are harassing me. Why is my "dancing" something you need, @paulzkrendler?

    Let me get this straight....the guy who utilizes Cyber Ghost Premium at almost $70 a year to get past being blocked from viewing a website, is complaining that people writing things on that website that make him mad is harassing him?

    Let me give you a hint, if you have to go looking for it by BREAKING INTO A WEBSITE YOU ARE BLOCKED FROM you are not being harassed. When you were in elementary school you ate a lot of paste didn't you? I used to think tales of people as stupid as Vaginapelt Von Assface (yes I stole it) were just myths like Bigfoot and Fresh Air around the Milwaukee sewer plant. But nope, Bill has proven once again that mega stupid is a thing, and he really is the king of it.

    1. But really, $70 is a small price to pay to keep that Munko weeping and tightly packed with sand.

      1. So is the Diminished Capacity Kid saying that he only has $83 now? Was this purchase listed on his Lulzsuit welfare application?

        1. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt's most recent IFP paperwork/request, and the multitude of falsehoods (and, omissions!), could very well prove to be quite troublesome for the liar of all liars.

          The Stalking Sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt just doesn't know when to quit.



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