11 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day”

  1. In his ongoing quest to show that he was not put on this Earth to "get it" and to demonstrate that he never understands the deeper nature of anything, DF likens WJJH to a bee.

    Yeah you really dissed him didn't you big stuff?



    Ouch! He is just like a symbol of kingship and immortality and resurrection and diligence and indefatigable effort and wisdom.
    You sure know how to leave a mark don't ya' buddy boy?

    (doncha like how I use all those diminutive over friendly appellations that are in way consonant with our actual relationship? Doesn't work when I do either does it? Well then, knock it the fuck off.)

  2. Reply to: @DPRK_News
    I see you also google obese American pig @BillSchmalfeldt

  3. Schmalfeldt is now claiming that he is being signed up for sex sites and the Trump campaign.

    A few days ago, he was warned about malware. He says he doesn't have any.

    Uh huh.

      1. I think he meant that he'd rather take Prison Rape Monthly than vote for Donald Trump, which isn't really news.

      2. Oh, did I forget to note that I meant Prison Rape Monthly the magazine?

        Oopsie Poopsie.


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