Some Days The FUN Just Falls Right Into Your Lap!

Hello Zombie Horde…yesterday I received three completely unsolicited emails. If you would like to see them, please email me at

When you get the emails, please don’t click any links you might find. You might be offended by something, and that would be YOUR FAULT… NOT MINE. So don’t click any links. That would be almost as fucking stupid as cc’ing an uninvolved third party on an email.

Buuuut it’s not like it hasn’t happened before, right agiledog?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Some Days The FUN Just Falls Right Into Your Lap!”

  1. Right, because you never know what's gonna happen when you send an email to an uninvolved third party, especially when you make threats and/or attach gross (HIPPA-violating) pictures.

    Or you cc your "excellent friend" on that email to the court clerk, and he stupidly "Reply All"s with his snide comments, so that the clerk and the judge see them. Brilliant!

    1. The amusing thing was he threatened to find out who signed him up for those porn sites. How is he going to do that? By contacting the porn email distributors? I seriously doubt that'll work out for him.

  2. Wait a minute, someone signed Shaky up for free porn and he was distressed? Why it's a good thing he is bestest pals with someone who knows how to file a lawsuit for good porn.

  3. Did I see activation buttons on those emails, or was it my over-active imagination? I know it is unlikely, but it conceivably could be an attempt to entrap a zombie. So DON'T click any activation links, Be careful out there: not everyone is a fan of zombies.

    1. I just lost control of my computer! Habib wants $300 to return control to me! why did I click on that link????

      1. You were warned.

        Actually, a little ransomware is not so bad. It could have been an effort to get someone to violate a law about signing others up to unwanted sites (if there is such a law and if anyone is clever enough to try to sucker a zombie into falling afoul of such law).

  4. We have told Bill many times this:
    Poor lil Debbie is learning - Bill may just be too much a DUMBFUCK to get it.

  5. Surprised he didn't forward his Nambla account.
    He's buds with Kimberfuck on that site.

    That's what got these pedos in trouble in the first place.

    1. I'm surprised he's still alive.

      Methods you can use, Shakes:
      1. Down the road!
      2. Through the temple
      3. Fatal alcohol poisoning by Johnnie Walker Red
      4. Impalement. Your weight will take care of the dirty work for you with a proper upright sharp object.

      Fuck, I'm sure there's a bunch of creative options that Shakes can do.

    2. Well it certainly doesn't surprise me he has no interest in finding any friends who are adults.


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