So What I Hear Him Saying Is…

He’s NOT okay with his pro se pal Brett Kimberlin being an admitted forger and fabricator of evidence?

Because, you know…DOUBLE STANDARDS, right?

Someone seems a little manic tonight…perhaps the choice between giving himself his shots and taking his pills fell the wrong way?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “So What I Hear Him Saying Is…”

  1. Hey, if he doesn't want people stalking him on the internet, maybe he should get off the internet. Problem solved.

    Otherwise, stop being a whiny crybaby and act like a man you'll never be.

    1. So true. When he was harassing me that's the advice the local cops gave me, to get off the internet completely, down to closing my email accounts.

      I'm guessing local LE doesn't live in the 21st century, and hasn't tried to go to school or get a job since 1995.

  2. The Diminished Capacity Kid is into the deep-discount booze now.

    Bt let;s not discourage him from filing a RICO suit because it'll be hilarious, especially since he'll misspell "RICO." And "Schmalfeldt."

  3. Wait, wait. If X notices that Y is repeatedly visiting X's blog, Y is BEING STALKED by X?

    Your Honor, he kept noticing that I was peeping in the windows of his house twenty times a day. I need you to stop him from stalking me like that. If I want to peep in windows, that's none of his business even if they are his windows.

    1. Yup. And if multiple people, maybe many people, run across various public ravings, and share an instance with their friends, that's billogically stalking, even more so than one 'urinating on children' aficionado wearing out multiple F5 keys stalking TFS.

  4. It is even crazier than all that. He just said: "If [mythical creation in his head] wishes to defile himself on his own website, that’s fine." This is the guy that was saying he has a right (a RIGHT, damn you) to read and correct whatever people were saying about him on their own blogs. Now he has changed his position. Double standards, huh?

    He was a busy bee last night, spewing his stupidity into the public eye by putting it on the internet. If he doesn't want people to see his crap, why is he putting it out there? He could just write a private journal on his Mac. Not that anything he puts on there is actually secure....

    1. Here's my working theory. First some background with a quote from John C Wright's blog:

      "In reality, to which I assume all who read these words are loyal, words have meaning, and the word fascist means a national socialist totalitarian. The Morlock is loyal to unreality.

      "In unreality, words have emotional import only, and are used only to express emotions, much like the barking of a dog expresses anger, or the purr of a cat expresses pleasure. What you are reading is a Rorschach blot of words, merely one subjective meaning plastered atop another, forming the verbal version of what, when expressed visually, is seen in a modern art museum as a can of shit, or a bottle of urine, or some other thing alleged to be art. In unreality, ‘fascist’ means BARK! BARK! BARK!"


      Just as a dog barks to induce fear in a perceived threat actor, Schmalfeldt's writing is apparently driven by his hatred of his perceived enemies (c.f. Popehat). He hopes that his target will feel pain and therefore be deterred from disagreeing with him ever again. "Shut up," he explained (c.f. Instapundit).

      Once the target experiences the writing and its intended, induced pain/fear, the writing has served its purpose. Leaving it available in a permanent record for others to read is counterproductive ("the best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt"; RS McCain). Also, once his anger is dissipated (via displacement onto the target) the writings no longer accurately reflect his emotional state. For both reasons he then seeks to expunge them ("rebranding!").

  5. Credit where due: at some point, the Chunko Munko finally turned an intellectual corner. He acknowledged not only that people who don't contact him are not harassing him, but that being offended is a risk he chooses to take by visiting unfriendly blogs. He's conceded that he was wrong on the 'merits' of every one of his lolsuits. This epiphany should not go unremarked upon. I can't recall him thinking like a reasonable adult about anything like this before. Bill, look out the window! I bet the clouds are super-proud of you today!

    1. I'm sure he'll quickly back out around that corner and keep going in his original direction soon enough. He'll find life too boring if he can't be the victim/hero in his own little melodrama.

  6. Hold on. ED posted Billy Munko's psychotic DATING PROFILE?
    This I gotta see! ...
    BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA times eleventy!1

    1. That page has had around 10,000 visits...

      Ya know, Cousin Bill, had you just SHUT UP and STOPPED PICKING FIGHTS with people who understand the "Streisand Effect", y'all might have been able to get a date...

      Too late, now. People can get to know about you BEFORE they get involved WITH you...

      Fortunate for everyone but you!


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