Really, What Can Be Said?

The pictures tell the story.

Probably several!

Dance Munko!Oh, definitely.

A lot of this, for sure:

He’s probably feeling like this…
…but I seriously doubt it was caused by keeling over while petting his girlfriend’s (Seriously? Girlfriend?) dog…

…because let’s face it – with the verified internet history of a demented cyberharassing troll like Sphincterlips Sandysnatch, the only girlfriend he’s ever going to have will be getting an EXORBITANT hourly rate…up front. In cash.

Then again, he’s got quite a lot of familiarity with that lifestyle.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Really, What Can Be Said?”

  1. You know, it strikes me, given Patrick Grady's existing RO against Cousin Bill, his previously demonstrated willingness to go toe-to-rolly-walker, and Cousin Bill's constant activities against Paul Krendler, one of two things are true:

    Either Krendler is not Grady; or,

    Grady is waiting for the perfect moment to drop the ginormous shit hammer on Cousin Bill.

    Clear to the casual observer...

    Place your bets, people. Since I know Krendler's IRL identity, I'm recusing myself from this bet.

    1. I, too, will have to recuse myself for the same reason. If only the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt could get to all of the information inside of our heads, Cousin Roy – talk about his sweaty-palmed, happy place. lol!

      Oh. And, Krendler? Sphincterlips Sandysnatch!

      STAAAAAHP! You're killing me! Seriously! LOLOLOLOL!

    2. Roy

      You are trying to place a logical construction on Witless Willie's fantasies? Impossible. The opium dreams of a certified lunatic have more logic than Willie's concoctions.

  2. Naming a pet after the person the repulsive recreant is court ordered to not stalk and harass would show a disturbing level of obsession and could bolster a case for detention.

  3. Bill's comment is clearly from Pretendy Land, because there is no way in hell he'll actually ever have a girlfriend again (at least one that doesn't have an inflation nozzle on it.) Besides, given his (repeatedly, in public) confessed impotence and latent blatant homosexuality, he'd want a boyfriend.

    1. As I understand it, Real Dolls don't have inflation nozzles.

      Though I'm sure Bill would have problems getting on into his place without the nuns noticing. They might even evict him, once they realize a) it's not a real body, and b) he's not smuggling it out.

        1. "...Bill would seem to be more in the lubed-up Hefty Bag camp, budget-wise."

          I am sorry to correct you Russ, but should be "...lubed-up toothpick wrapper camp..."

      1. And it seems to me, he lives his life
        Like a candle in an outhouse...

  4. My source at the Nunnery reports the only female he comes into contact with is the delivery girl at Walgreens. She visits several times a week to deliver the "medication" from his "doctor". By "medication" I mean whiskey and by "doctor" I mean Johnny Walker.

    1. Hope we get more updates from this secret source at Canticle and Juniper Courts! Pretty LULZy to get the skinny on fatass Bill Schmalfeldt's pathetic reality!


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