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  1. So, the lawyer doesn't fully understand NINE restraining orders from FIVE states repeatedly adjudicating his client a stalker and harasser, huh?

    1. And is good friends with an adjudicated pedophile, who in turn lived with a felon convicted of possession of child pornography. Basically a bunch of weirdoes.

  2. He's mentally ill. Well, not in the common sense.

    It's like his taking a dump every morning or his monthly menses.
    He'll write about it tangentially no sooner that the day after tomorrow, and it will take a 12-year old to decipher it.

    Is he really drinking horse-shit tea every morning?
    There is that cat-shit coffee.
    But he's on a budget...........

  3. I have to admit, this one had me literally laughing out loud. Schmalfeldt is such a stupid fuck he couldn't be bothered to realize you were talking about the guy in the picture and making a funny play on words.

    Ohhhhhhhhh.....I see the flaw in my thinking. What YOU did was funny. We all know Bill wouldn't know funny if it stomped on his face yelling "Hello there fat boy, I'm funny"!

    1. I don't know much about baseball, didn't know who the guy in the picture was, and still guessed it must be something along those lines, just because I know PK knows how to spell. But then I'm good at picking stuff up from the clues in the text/image around it, and we know that Unca Biwwy can't find anything unless it's in a Feldtchart with only "YES" legs.

    2. What if it painted itself purple and danced naked on a harpsichord, singing "I'm funny!"?

  4. Random query: how many times do you suppose DUMBF5CK jabs out emails to mjs@cavanaghlawgroup.com ?

    1. Every single comment that he thinks is about him is clipped pasted and emailed.

    2. SIDE NOTE: Please do not send unsolicited emails to members of the Cavanagh Law Group. This can ONLY cause trouble for Ash and BPO.

      1. I disagree. I think I should inform his lawyer how Bill lied in LOLSuit VI when claiming the Harassment Prevention Order I obtained against Bill was based on a Twitter message. I can do this by providing the statement Bill sent to the Mass. court for the Harassment Prevention Order hearing where Bill discusses the emails he sent my wife and me. I could also point out to the lawyer where Bill lied in that statement, and provided proof of the lie in his own attachment to the statement. I believe his lawyer needs to know he lies: he lies to people, he lies to the courts, and he lies to himself, so the lawyer should question whether Bill is lying to the lawyer as well.

      2. Well stated, theman.

        In addition, the lawyer seems like a decent guy, and an experienced lawyer. It's much better for the defendants "and yet to be named defendants" to work with a decent person who is familiar with the law and not addled by dementia.

        Remember, horde, neither Mr. Sorich, nor his firm picked the fat freak; he is court-ordered to represent the lying laardvark. Neither he, his firm, nor their support staff are responsible for the filth and harm spread around the internet by the loathsome loser, nor the false reports to LE and other government agencies, nor for the malicious monster trying to cause people to lose their jobs, nor for the times the grotesque ghoul contacted the family members (including at least one young child!) of those it hates.

        IIUC, Mr. Sorich isn't even getting paid for putting up with the "stolen-valor" Lyin' of Lebanon, but as a practice requirement must represent indigent clients as ordered by the court. Unless and until he does something to earn our scorn, we should feel sorry for him, and pray for him.

        Under no circumstances should we contact Mr. Sorich, his staff, or firm, nor should we joke about doing so, imo.

        1. It's perfectly appropriate for someone who has experience of Schmalfeldt's direct misconduct and lies regarding their direct experience of harrassment or lies to give Sorich a matter-of-fact head's up.

          No one should waste the lawyer's time or patience, it goes without saying really. Any more general history of schmalfeldt will soon be apparent to diligent counsel .

        2. You and agiledog raise good points, but I'd still leave any contact up to the defendants or their lawyer.

        3. Well, I do have to disagree with you in some regard. In fact (and in law), that lawyer is now responsible for that filth that Bill Schmalfeldt has filed as LOLsuit VII: Degenerations. How long do we give him from the time he was appointed by the court until such time that he withdraws or amends that complaint? Because he is now responsible for it. If he had actually filed it, he could be sanctioned for it (that thing in the FRCP about stuff that has no basis in law, ya know). He now knows what a bat-shit crazy client he has - if he doesn't hasten to withdraw or amend, my regard for him will drop quickly.

        4. "He now knows what a bat-shit crazy client he has - if he doesn't hasten to withdraw or amend, my regard for him will drop quickly."

          Amen, agiledog.

          For me... an Amended Complaint versus an immediate withdrawing of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt's Defamatory Shutuppery LOLsuit (NUMBER SEVEN!) will very quickly drop any regard and empathy I may currently have for Mr. Sorich.

          And, if there is an Amended Complaint... AND, if that Amended Complaint contains even a single line of BS's original salacious, libelous, sanction-worthy bullshit concerning Ash... Mr. Sorich will prove himself to be nothing more than scum himself, and more than deserving of such a lying, foul, POS, welfare client.

        5. I agree with all you wrote, agiledog. Though I'd try to defer to the defendants wrt when and how to notify opposing counsel about his client being a proven liar in addition to admittedly being addled by dementia, after what the malicious monster did and tried to do to you, your wife, and her business, I'd be sorely tempted to be looking up anyone remotely connected to the loathsome loser, and anyone connected to those remotely connected to the freakshow, to provide them with a packet of some of the freakshow's lowest hits. Twice removed 4th cousin's neighbors would get packets.

          Yes, I expect an ethical attorney would do some research to see if there's any chance the client has a case, but just wasn't able to articulate it. Upon finding there isn't a case, I expect he'll draw a target on his own back by strongly cautioning his client wrt filing frivolous FAILsuits to harass two people with restraining orders against the loathsome loser. I also expect he'll have an urge to have the meeting/interview room disinfected. And then I expect he'll be a lifelong lurker at TFS sites, eventually picking a pseudonym with which to join the conversation. I expect his first comment will be something along the lines of, "We're not laughing with you..."

  5. And in other news:

    Does anybody know how Hell's Kitchen Kate is doing nowadays?


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