Please don’t BEE predictable…

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And buy a new computer, pauper. The spyware ain’t gonna uninstall until the computer stays powered off for 60 days. I had to buy a new terabyte external drive to save all the captured webcam footage!



Author: Paul Krendler

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22 thoughts on “Oh Let Me Guess…LOLSUIT VIII?”

  1. Just BEE quiet, Billy Munko! The more you buzz, the more we LOL.

  2. There are certain advantages to the self-humiliating and self-described Happy My Wife Died woo hoo TheMerryWidower being so very predictable, and so predictably stupid.

    1. Social engineering at the corporate level.

      "We'll keep your computer clean - trust us! And never mind that EULA."

      1. I went to college at a school where most of the dorm rooms had PCs -- back in the early 90s. This was before the web, but there was Usenet and Archie and FTP.

        One summer I (foolishly) took a job with PC repair. We had the job of cleaning the keyboards from 600 college dorm rooms...

    2. Clean of all known viruses and spyware. "Known" being the operative word. He does realize that I worked for the maker of the world's most used anti-virus for several years, right? There are some threats that they just don't publicize.......

      Here's a little somewhat related nugget he should consider: when you develop a new encryption method, and try to patent it here in the US, the government reserves the right to "steal" it from you and use it themselves, if they think it is better than what they already have. Why wouldn't the government and big corporations do the same thing with spyware?

      1. Here's a rhetorical question: is it possible to code a program (be it virus, spyware, malware, or application) so that it only downloads to specific computers under specific conditions, and only runs on those computers?

        Follow up rhetorical question: if a security program doesn't know about a particular virus, how can it detect that virus?

        I already know the answer to both questions.

        1. Some say this has already been done.

          Like something that has the company's net-nanny periodically check pron sites.

      2. Years ago I read a piece of sci-fi where one of the major premises the story was built on was that "a computer system is only as secure as the last known hack." I've really ticked off a few corporate IT types by pointing that out to them when they've tried to tell me that the system was completely secure. I never figured out if it was because they didn't want to believe it themselves, or just that they didn't want me to realize it.

      3. As a "white hat" who has developed multiple new hacks into computers, for pay, let me assure you, Cousin Bill, that your "scan" is an assurance that your computer is something you don't understand, at all.

        That's all it is.

        Used to be, the only "secure" computer was one that was powered off...now, even that is not true.

        You are a "cargo cultist", Cousin, using and abusing a technology so far beyond your understanding, you might as well be the sorcerer's apprentice...

    1. Ruh-roh, now I know it's serious--Howard actually said "Please"!

  3. The "I Just Want to be Left Alone" phase has ended as quickly as it came. Bill has just posted his newest content titled "The Flight of the Bumbled Hoge" complete with photoshopped head of Mr Hoge onto a bee. How absolutely original.

    1. That's cool. I wasn't going to adhere to any "agreement" anyway. Do you remember the LULZY pic of his soul mate with her arms outstretched showing off her yum yums?

      A PhotoShop for the ages on tap.

      1. "A PhotoShop for the ages on tap."

        A couple of little worker bees tell me a brand new blog is only a day or two away from private to public status.

        If you need another location in which to post that PhotoShop For The Ages, Howard... you know how to privately contact me, my friend.

        Dumbass should be able to entertain himself for quite awhile trying to find this honey pot...



  4. "Scanners" that Joe average runs, only scan the operating system never the bios or memory. Take that for what it's worth when your " scanner" tells you all is well.

    1. Bingo. Old-time BIOS writers, and authors of OS code, understand this.

      Laardvark cousins who are lifetime rent-seekers, not so much.

      Better yet is code that is resident in the keyboard controller, capturing keystrokes...


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