Looks Like Someone Touched A Nerve


As long as people keep their filth inside their own blogs and not in my comment section, or on my Twitter timeline, or on my Facebook account, folks will have nothing to worry about.

Now as far as I can tell, BusPassOffice has made a pastime of sharing comments from an old forum which illustrate NOT ONLY what a fucking idiot our pal DUMBFUCK has been but also FOR HOW VERY, VERY LONG the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger has gone wabbling back to the Fire.

DUMBFUCK seems upset.  I don’t understand why; none of this is reaching ITS comment section, ITS Twitter timeline, or ITS Facebook account.

DUMBFUCK seems upset that this is going on in other people’s blogs. It has to GO LOOKING FOR ITS BUTTHURT.

Like an addict on the pipe.

But there’s this little bit of advice I like to remember in situations just like this.  I’ve forgotten where I first heard it.

It goes like this:

If you are offended by anything you read here, I might suggest that you not visit here again. If you do, and are offended again, that will be your fault… not mine.

DUMBFUCK seems upset.  Its fault.

DUMBFUCK seems bothered. Its fault.

DUMBFUCK seems a little torqued.  Its fault.

DUMBFUCK seems a lot BUTTHURT.  Its fault.

Don’t wanna be upset? Don’t wanna be bothered? Don’t wanna be torqued?

Don’t wanna be BUTTHURT?

Stay away, you weak little pussy.  If you can’t?

Your fault.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Looks Like Someone Touched A Nerve”

  1. Golden Showers Schmalfeldt seems to be saying "If you try to humiliate me in public, I'll humiliate myself even worse!"

    And he's right. He's better at it than even we are.

    Ever wonder if we can dig up material even older than XMFan?

    1. There's older stuff, but it's run-of-the-mill left-wing loony, like the vast majority of what he vomited forth onto xmfan. He was just 'finding his muse.' as it were, on xmfan. He went full retard a little later...and while not all of it is in the vault, the best stuff is, thanks primarily to the Knot crew.

  2. Tub-O-Brainless seems to be making a threat there.
    I'd take it as one.

    Think the local popo should make a 'welfare' stop at the nunnery.
    Just to make sure the crack-smoking blob isn't fondling any of the staff.

  3. Am I the only one who's noticed that all roads seem to end with the sexual abuse of children with the Diminished Capacity Kid?

    There might be something in his past that he's not sharing with us. Maybe Papa was a little more "hands-on" in his parenting than is otherwise suggested? Perhaps he coached Billy and the Bobber's late night wrestling contests? Was Marilyn the cheerleader?

    This obsession of his had to come from somewhere.

  4. ...smartass is way better than dumbass and that's pretty much the limit on choices

  5. So the Alcoholic, Amoeba sized dick that is limp, DumbFuck has a case of the sads because he willingly went someplace that has the truth about what he said in the past? Awwwwwwww, Fuck You Shaky.

    Poor yourself another shot of JW, swallow some meds, shit yourself while watching Full House reruns and SHUT THE FUCK UP. No one cares about you or your so called tough talk.

    1. No, that's not enough. He needs to down enough JW to start the process of fatal alcohol poisoning. He'll be better off.

  6. BPO should start including the depraved DUMBF5CK's full name with those xmfan comments. Wouldn't want any newcomer to not give the loathsome loser full credit for its perversity.


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