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  1. But he paid good money so he can't be tracked on a site that makes fun of him! How dare you track the mentally damaged dumbfuck.

    Anyways I guess we'll never find out about that meeting (most likely made up due to massive consumption of Johnnie Walker Red).

  2. https://twitter.com/MunkoTales/status/760598973774192644

    They never will, dumbfuck. They do not share their information. Present the fictional police report against Patrick Grady that you accused of being Paul Krendler. Since you believe that PG = PK, you're not supposed to be visiting this site.

    By the way, leave your dog fucking fantasies off Twitter. No one wants to hear that.

    1. No one wants to hear the loathsome loser's anal rape fantasy/confession, nor about it urinating on children, either. No one wants anything from the fat freak, which is why it can't leave the horde alone - - we're all it has. Most won't even take the time to mock the repulsive recreant.

  3. 1. If the author of the Thinking Man’s Zombie blog admits, in a notarized affidavit, that he is Patrick Grady of Palatine, IL, then I will have lost my legal ability to contact said author.
    PK doesn't give a fuck whether you contact him or not. He's free to make fun of you. Butthurt is not a tort, dumbfuck. You fail to understand how the carrot and stick analogy works. You supposedly got a stick but where's the carrot? There isn't one. So why the hell would he give you a notarized affidavit? Got yourself in a corner there now, dumbfuck.

    2. As long as he hides behind a pseudonym, he has no legal grounds to charge me with violating ANYTHING.
    Who cares!

    3. However, the investigation into Patrick Grady’s conspiracy — with George Meredith Howell of Germantown, Maryland and WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, Maryland to concoct phony evidence against me continues… out of my hands… in the capable hands of federal and state authorities.
    Unfortunately that letter was printed off the same printer as other documents you admitted that you wrote. Are you saying that someone broke into your feces-filled trailer, printed the letter off your printer, and then forged your name?

    1. "I'm sure you can prove this? Which printer did I use?"

      Easy, dumbfuck!

      Every printer sold in the United States has a UNIQUE steganography dot pattern which is designed to prevent counterfeiting. It is also used to prevent dumbfucks like yourself from claiming that they didn't write damaging documents.

      But hey, don't say we didn't warn you when you're already engulfed in a ball of flame.

  4. Has anyone thrown in the phrase:


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