2016 AUG 01 11:27:13 EDT
2016 AUG 01 11:32:38 EDT
2016 AUG 01 11:37:03 EDT
2016 AUG 01 11:44:22 EDT
2016 AUG 01 12:00:16 EDT
2016 AUG 01 12:04:53 EDT
2016 AUG 01 12:18:28 EDT
2016 AUG 01 12:25:08 EDT
2016 AUG 01 12:41:31 EDT
2016 AUG 01 12:48:56 EDT
2016 AUG 01 12:54:19 EDT
2016 AUG 01 13:04:18 EDT
2016 AUG 01 13:09:51 EDT
2016 AUG 01 13:14:27 EDT
2016 AUG 01 13:17:55 EDT
2016 AUG 01 13:24:27 EDT

Someone’s been a busy little Munkey!

UPDATE – see above.


If you want to know where that IP address maps, just drop it into the box right here.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Logins”

  1. Someone needs to get a hobby that doesn't involve doing retarded shit on the Internet.

  2. Since he has short term memory lost due to consuming mass quantities of JWR, he has to check this site every 2 minutes to see if you have posted the map on how to get from St Francis, WI to Maryland.

  3. The only person who should be worried about law enforcement looking around at TMZ and BillySez is Bill Schmalfeldt. If the cops found out just how much.often he is violating those court orders, they will turn all their attention on him.

    But who are we fooling? Bill doesn't have the brains or the balls to actually talk to real live police - the only time he has seen real law enforcement in the last 3 years have been when they were serving legal papers on him.

  4. You can't dance without music. The Dancing Munkey Song has a great beat, and the lyrics could only come from a GS-13 writer with Oak Leaves.

    I am a doin that refresh shuffle
    Jiggle those chins, jiggle, jiggle.
    That Krendler bro keeps causin trouble.
    But I'm the dude who will burst his bubble.

    I'll kick his ass and grind his face.
    I'll bed his wife and take his place.
    He'll sink like a stone without a trace.
    His name will be lost in utter disgrace.

    I'm a doin that refresh shuffle
    Jiggle that flab, jiggle, jiggle
    That Krendler cat thinks he's trouble
    But I'm the dude who will bounce his rubble.

    I am mean and I am rough.
    He thinks he's smart, he thinks he's tough
    But he ain't seen smart and he ain't seen tough
    Till I crash through his brag on my red scooty puff.

    Now everybody on the chorus

    I'm a doin that refresh shuffle.
    Jiggle those jowls, jiggle, jiggle
    Krendler just pretends he's manly
    But he's never been done by a Japanese tranny.


    Munko's response on his blog is hilarious!

    I'm sorry, but damn, Paul! You can wind that munko up so easily!


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