It’s A Right Shock, Ain’t It?

Bill Schmalfeldt, insulting people by calling them developmentally disabled (go ahead Bill! Don’t be a coward! Call him “retarded!” You know you want to!), AND writing about poop!

Could you at least try something different, if not necessarily original next time?

Make a departure and think of something that you don’t do yourself, like

  • “he pulls the wings off flies”
  • “he throws firecrackers at puppies”
  • “he shaves hamsters before playing Lemmiwinks”
  • “he forces the kitchen staff to randomly mix earthworms into the vermicelli”

Anything!  Go to some random phrase generator site for inspiration.

Or, what the hell – just keep on being the predictable stupid DUMBFUCK we know and love.

It’s FUN.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “It’s A Right Shock, Ain’t It?”

  1. Schmalfeldt IS retarded, as evidenced by the line causing controversy; "Chuck Todd resembles nothing less than the uncle of a profoundly developmentally-disabled child."

    The uncle? What the fuck does that even mean? That the United States government paid that ballbag money to write and edit is all the evidence I need that America is already doomed and the terrorists are just superfluous. .

  2. He had to stalk this site to check to see if we were stalking him. He admits to posting death threats.

  3. Unca Biwwy really has it in for the disabled, doesn't he? He goes after people he thinks are disabled precisely because of their disabilities. He uses the disabilities of his targets' family members to go after them. It makes you wonder, have people over the years suggested that he might have a disability and for some reason he finds that shameful? Was he teased about it as a child? Or is it simply that he's one nasty SOB who never grew out of the bullying stage and thinks that any sort of difference from his definition of normal needs to be eradicated?


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