I Suppose Not

I was just about to publish a post about a remarkably stupid person whom I shall not identify. But I’ll bet you could guess who it is even if you graduated at the bottom of your high school class and joined the Navy to avoid getting a real job and living with Mom and Dad.

While proofing the post, I asked myself, “What am I trying to do here? What’s the pointage?” As always, the answer is “Laughery and mockification!”

Sometimes an incredibly stupid person, prone to filing incredibly stupid lawsuits, crosses your path and does things that make a zombie just shake his head and laugh and laugh and laugh. And while the laughing continues, you have to point, so your friends can see and enjoy the spectacle. And then the mockery – because what else can you do but mock someone who files six lawsuits that can’t survive motions to dismiss, and then tries to solve that problem by begging for a lawyer like a lying candy-ass weasel.

I mean, it’s just…FUN.


I thought about reminding people what a liar this DUMBFUCK is. But that’s like saying the sky is wet or that water is blue.

Wait, what?

I had written about what a hypocrite this fool is, about how complains sooooo bitterly about his family being off limits while he stalks people’s children and grandchildren. But everyone is already aware of that particular aspect of this dingbat’s sparkling personality, so there’s no point in saying that.

And then I actually wrote a nice passage about how this guy flips back and forth from being hale and strong and ready for a fight, to being unable to put his own socks on or slather his own foot longs with mayonnaise. How he has publicly said, in more than one forum, that he suffers from dementia, but that doesn’t make him, you know, demented or anything!

But I thought, that’s common knowledge…why bother?

In the end, that post just didn’t have any real zing to it.

So I guess I’ll just be super meta and post a post about a post I decided not to post.

I really do.
I really do.

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “I Suppose Not”

    1. Indeed, dear Jane. If anything, our Beloved Zombie Overlord neglected to mention in his paragraph on hypocrisy about how when a DUMBF5CK's enemies post a picture of Mr. Bill on the business end of a Sawzall it's clearly a DEATH THREAT!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!ELEVENTY!! but when he posts dark and violent (stolen) imagery it's clearly only to be taken in a metaphorical sense.

      Nothing if not hypocritical, is a DUMBF5CK.

  1. I really admire how the Diminished Capacity Kid can't not be a lunatic in public for a week.

  2. Why, it's just like Arthur Conan Jones' "The Log That Didn't Have Bark"!

  3. How self-centered do you have to be not to realize that publishing your decision not to publish something will lead to mockery?


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