2 thoughts on “GS-13 Writer Strikes Again!”

  1. The laardvark should do a search on its computer for the original draft. Parts of it are likely still there even if the fat freak tried to delete it while swimming upstream in a river of fear pee when it first realized the trouble it could have made for itself.

    Of course, the repulsive recreant is probably too stupid to find it even if it's labeled "letter sure to frighten Hoooooooooooooooooooooge into dropping charges" or similar.

    The loathsome loser now claims it doesn't remember, and even ridiculously claims dementia only affects certain specific types of memory. hahahaha However, at the time, the grotesque ghoul hinted at the letter on twitter before it arrived, and after it blew up in its revoltingly ugly face, asked its wife if she recalled mailing it. Why ask if it wasn't written by the malignant monster?

    That's just some minor, contemporaneous comments that support what we all know - that it wrote the letter, and is either lying now, or has convinced itself of a lie, like it convinced its vile self that it didn't leave its wife to die all alone while it wrote about her "death rattle" and faked a comment to its blog to be upset about. The Lyin' liar of Lebanon had a whole false story it tried to sell about her dying in its flabby arms. But it was and is a lie.

    She Died ALL ALONE.

    Priorities, you know. That blog and twitter won't rebrand themselves.


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