Good Evening, Demented, Depends™ Dependent, Defaulted Defendant DUMBFUCK!

What DUMBFUCK doesn’t get…would overflow the pages of every book written in recorded history, plus most of the books not written yet.

What DUMBFUCK doesn’t get…the Johnnie Walker bottles he flings are empty, and it’s his fault.

What DUMBFUCK doesn’t get…is that the only person on Earth who can’t see him for what he truly is is the guy who shaves his ugly face.

What DUMBFUCK doesn’t get…”Actions are what counts.” (Actions counts?  Another ACES job, there, Major General GS-13!) So if his actions counts for anything, it makes an easy guess why none of his children ever visit. 

What DUMBFUCK doesn’t get…is that no Zombie will ever roll over like he would, no Zombie will ever rat someone out lilke he will.

What DUMBFUCK doesn’t get…is that no police department is going to smile upon a DUMBFUCK faux victim who behaves as if the police NEEEEEEEEEEEEED him to gather non-existent evidence on their behalf for a non-existent case that they aren’t pursuing anyway.

Remember, Zombies!

Only 53 days to go!  Avoid the rush and make your travel arrangements NOW!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Good Evening, Demented, Depends™ Dependent, Defaulted Defendant DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I'm curious, has he owned up to lying on a federal copyright form and claiming to be Paul Krendler? Has be been a man about that?

    1. He has some specious rationalization for that, just as he does for all his other lies.

  2. "Actions are what counts."

    Does his demented mind forget that his actions have shown him to be a STALKER? Or to be a LIAR?

    Or his actions towards those that have confronted his demented lawfare suits?

    How about his actions towards his deceased wife and his estranged children?

    Yes, the Fear Pee King's action are very telling as to his character, which is the shit slime you find under a rock in a pig sty.

  3. Hey, now, let's not be encouraging the lying laardvark to take any action. Don't forget all of the fat freak's talk about urinating on children.

      1. His mom, another of the 'best women God put on this Earth,' that he was too busy on Twitter to be with in his whole heart as she passed away.

        Seriously, he live-tweeted her death in 2013.

        If that's not love, what is?

        1. The gypsy curse was the best part of that. LMAO, what a fucking tool he is.

  4. "Remember, Zombies!

    Only 53 days to go! Avoid the rush and make your travel arrangements NOW!"


    And, I look forward to meeting those Zombies I have yet to meet. So, hop to it and get those travel arrangements made!

    1. Wait. Are we (now) having a get-together?

      I'll buy the first round. Started to ask for guidance wrt a good bar in Maryland. But-

      Methinks we'll just convene at the hotel bar. No driving, right? Not even a scooty puff (It's red. Vroom. VROOM!)

      1. Thanks for the information, AD. Yeah... John told me the Days Inn was within walking distance of the courthouse, and being as the hearing is at the end of September, I'm thinking the weather would still be pretty nice.

        Hubby and I haven't made our hotel reservations as of yet. Things got busy around the homestead the past couple of days, so we're going to revisit looking at hotels in that area come Monday. But, our flight arrangements and a rental car have both been reserved.

        Are you planning on attending the hearing? It sure would be my pleasure to meet you in real life, agiledog. Let me know... if you're planning on coming into town and staying over, I'd sure like to see you, myself, and hubby (and, your beautiful wife if she comes with you, and any other Zombie Lickspittles who attend) get together for dinner, or at the very least a refreshment or two. 🙂

  5. "Be a man"

    You should take that advice, you gutless, shit rolling, stolen valor asswipe.

    I see you took another twitter account offline... what's the matter, pussy? It seems like only yesterday you were berating someone about "running and hiding..." Man up to your filth.... own it. Don't run like the gutless yellow douchenozzle we all know you to be. Quit being such a worthless spineless turd for once in your worthless existence.

    WTF am I saying.... you could NEVER quit being a whimpering, quivering pussy... it's in your DNA...

    It's what YOU ARE.

    1. Well whattaya know... your Swill Munkooo account wasn't loading and now it is.

      Probably a glitch... and doesn't change my assessment of your lack of guts one iota.


        1. "Someone should slap the fucking teeth from his dick wallet for even mentioning Mrs. Hoge in a tweet.

          With tire iron."

          Oh. Does someone *really* want to start bringing wives into their bullshit games again?

          We can oblige...

          Or... the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt can simply STFU, and actually... you know... stand by his "wives are off limits" declarations for a change.

          His move.


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