Don’t They Teach About Plagiarism in GS-13 Writer/Editor School?

In a recent, soon-to-be-deleted post archived here, a DUMBFUCK tries to sound intelligent when writing:

To establish a negligent spoliation claim in Illinois, a plaintiff needs to prove that: 1) the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to preserve the evidence; 2) the defendant breached its duty; 3) the loss of the evidence was the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s inability to prove claims in an underlying lawsuit; and 4) as a result, the plaintiff suffered actual damages. As is set forth in Martin, the general rule in Illinois is that there is no duty to preserve evidence. Thus, in order to pursue a spoliation claim, the plaintiff needs to establish an exception to the general rule. To establish an exception to the “no duty” rule, a plaintiff must meet a two-part test. The first part, the “relationship” part, requires that the plaintiff show an agreement, contract, statute, special circumstance, or voluntary undertaking that imposed a duty on the defendant to preserve the evidence at issue. The second part, the “foreseeability” part, requires a plaintiff to show that the duty extends to the specific evidence at issue by showing that a “reasonable person in the defendant’s position should have foreseen that the evidence was material to the potential civil action.”

And DUMBFUCK succeeds.

At sounding intelligent.  But not at BEING intelligent.

Because DUMBFUCK.  And Google.

That same paragraph, WORD FOR FUCKING WORD, appears in this 2012 article at White and Williams.

No credit. No attribution.  No nothing.  Just straight theft of copyrighted content.

Oopsie Poopsie!

The same tort this DUMBFUCK has defaulted on in a Maryland lawsuit.

Poor Mr. Sorich…I hope he has a really good psychiatrist. Or a well-stocked bar in his office.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Don’t They Teach About Plagiarism in GS-13 Writer/Editor School?”

  1. One presumes that Mr. Sorich is going peruse the record of Lulzsuits I-VI and learn that his client has offered plagiarized materials in actual pleadings.

    Then he'll learn that Oliver Wendell Jones has not only repurposed and sold his own supposed "libel" for profit, but actually COPYRIGHTED a good deal of it.

    After enjoying a hearty laugh at his client's expense, Mr. Sorich will probably ask himself "How can anyone hurt this DUMBFUCK'S reputation any more than he himself already has?"

    Then he'll use very tiny words and explain to him how contributory negligence works in Illinois. And Lolcow Billy will look at him like a retarded child. Maybe he'll get irrationally angry at everybody but himself, or maybe he'll just whine about "justice" again. But it'll be over, in my opinion, in less than 90 days. Because he's an officer of the Court, Mr. Sorich cannot and will not allow his lolcow client make to enter material misrepresentations into the record.

    When he learns even more of the facts, he may insist that the IFP application be withdrawn. Of course, that assumes that the Johnnie Walker Red Baron doesn't lie to his own welfare lawyer, which I have every confidence that he will.

    As I've said at Hogewash, having a lawyer is very probably the worst thing that could've happened to Golden Showers Schmalfeldt. Ever notice how Boom Boom Kimberlin has never retained counsel? I suspect there's a reason for that.

    1. BS doesn't understand that people often hire lawyers to tell them bad news. BS doesn't trust anyone who doesn't tell him what he doesn't already want to hear. I'm sure this will end well.

      Moar popcorn, waiter....

  2. I hope the freeloader's lawyer learns quickly to embrace the power of "and" so has both a fully stocked bar, and a good psychiatrist, and 5150 forms, and familiarity with the restraining order process. If he needs advice on the latter, BOTH of the defendants have restraining orders against his client, and would probably give him free advice. hahahahaha

    How hilarious would it be for the dementia-addled DUMBF5CK to finally break into double digits, having been stuck at NINE restraining orders from FIVE states for so long, with the court appointed lawyer being #10!?!

  3. I have a (day)dream...

    "To: Edward A. Jaeger, Jr. and William L. Doerler
    CC: Michael J. Sorich
    Dear Sirs: ..."

  4. The amusing part? Everything Shakes (that is my pet name for your client, counselor Sorich) thinks he has deleted we have archived. Just hit me up with a DM,counselor. Don't forget to include contact info for that hot blonde in the firm's pic.


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