Did LiberalGrouch16 Get The Bad Touch From His Daddy?


And just in case you’re wondering what it is parodying, click here. DUMBFUCK has already spoliated that evidence.   

I have reasons to suspect that William M. Schmalfeldt may have been abused by its father.

I have no proof. Just suspicions.

I know its wife would rather be dead than with it in his St. Francis, WI, apartment Manatee Cave.

God only knows what went on when The BLOB’s father went into his sons’ bedrooms to tuck them in at night. Both of them are grown up now (though one is dead as a doornail – one word). Both grew up idiots and were empowered to sleep with sit on the laps of brutal men like their father. Is that a clue? I have no idea.

But we don’t need to have evidence, do we? William M. Schmalfeldt has been referring to people as having committed the most loathsome of crimes. Is it projecting?

William M. Schmalfeldt writes a lot about child sexual abusers, the things they know, the way they act. Is it speaking from experience?

Its wife lives in another kingdom half a planet away from it, though she speaks to it through its clock urn and occasionally from “Mother Mammary” clouds. Its children were hidden from it by its ex-wives so it could not pee on them, no matter what its motivation.

And William sits in its Manatee Cave, drunk, deranged, demented and depraved (and in default, don’t disregard!) having tantrums about everything (one word) written about it on every other blog but its own.

The internet enables this drunken, deranged, demented, depraved, defaulted, and depressed loser by giving it space to blog. This is after William M. Schmalfeldt was kicked off every blog ever fouled by its presence.

William M. Schmalfeldt is a tormented man who I suspect may be agonizing over the memory of having abused peed on its now abandoned children. The only way it can deal with its own crimes against nature, against society, against the fabric of its family (in my opinion) is to project its actual crimes onto someone it’s never met, it doesn’t know, and then lash out at that person as a way of self-flagellation.

If the St. Francis nuns were “in the know” property owners, they would stop enabling William M. Schmalfeldt’s cyberstalking and harassment. But the St. Francis nuns are not privy to DUMBFUCK’s child stalking, to his (in my opinion) child pron, to his diminished capacity LOLsuits and to his 9 restraining orders in 5 states (if not more). Therefore, it serves its purpose to generate controversy, no matter how false the narrative, no matter how twisted, sick and crazy the person telling the story.

(I know, sometimes I just stop writing right in the middle of my screed because, *hic*, it’s time for another. Come hither, my little palsy-walsy. I’ve only had half the bottle.)



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

21 thoughts on “Did LiberalGrouch16 Get The Bad Touch From His Daddy?”

  1. I suspect your parody has more truth in it than everything that fat fucker has ever posted put together....

    FOADIAF, you fat asshole.

  2. And in marketing news:

      1. I at one time was a Hostage/member of the Never Again Volunteer Yourself organization, but regained my freedom 30 years ago.

  3. Projecting?
    Fuck sake. He can barely contain himself from declaring I'm "Twitchy the Kid Toucher!" (circa 2004) to the world.
    Freud would have a field day with this psychotic. He's left 10 years of cum-clue all over his keyboard.
    And why he flails at having to return to his past vomit.
    DF just can't figure out how to deal with the trauma/reality that is his life, Hence, the lashing out at the WWW.

    We know for a fact that we can tie Shakes, the Sawed-off-Pedo, and a Very Ordinary Semen to one thing in particular:
    Whether in though or action, its the one thing that brought them all together, at some point, somewhere.

    All the suing and court dates are the catalyst of and a symptom of; keeping that out of the discussion.
    Schmalfeldt is to stupid to be political. But its his cover.

    God help the zombie that dives into the uncharted chat forums and photo sharing sites were the truth lies.
    And God bless him.

    Fuck sake. Fat old man, trailer park, kids abandoned him, rage issues, the JWR? But he knows the computers and latest spyware programs.........

    He's a diddler balloon ready to pop.

    (my opinion)
    (die shcmalfeldt)

    1. Don't forget Bunny Boy in there. After all, he declared the child porn that got Gillette (sp?) send to a federal penitentiary was "not so bad". A judgement he could not have made unless he's seen a lot of other child porn right? So as best he's a liar, at worst a pedo. He fits right in with the rest.

      1. It is my opinion that Bill Dumbfuck Schmalfeldt is a pedophile and have molested children.

        To the Dumbfuck: Go kill yourself, Dumbfuck. One through the temple, down the road, through the mouth with your AR-15, fatal alcohol poisoning by Johnnie Walker Red, and any other creative options. Hell, drive in the opposite direction in the freeway on your Vroom Vroom, it's red.

  4. Sometimes you guys joke about him laying down hints that he is gay. No. His hints all lead back to an extremely weird childhood. Abused? Neglected? Poor boundaries? Something went on, and it was odd. He should have dealt with this stuff long ago.
    His oversharing, poor relationships, poor empathy, zero self-awareness... Crap like that is not normal.

    1. In has been my personal experience (YMMV) that pretty much everyone I know who is gay had an at least slightly more dysfunctional childhood tham most.

        1. I suspect there is no such thing. 8)


          Back in 1990 or so, I remember seeing a single pane cartoon: an auditorium, falling balloons, and a banner hanging from the balcony area which read "Welcome, Children of Functional Families!" There are about 7 people in the entire room.

          As I said, more dysfuctional than usual. 🙂

  5. "Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@LiberalGrouch16 1h1 hour ago

    @BreitbartUnmask They're everywhere. Today, I took care of all family business."

    FAMILY business? What family? Kids hate him, ex wives hate him, his dearly departed beloved's wife stopped sticking up for the vile blob. I repeat what family??

      1. He thinks that makes him sound Michael Corleone tough but from him it's 100% Fredo. "I'm SMART! I'm not dumb! not like people say!"


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