Again With “See You In Court?”


If you wanna see somebody in court, DUMBFUCK, it helps to actually, you know, SHOW UP.

You’ve got a very spotty record there.  Very much like your soaked and wadded panties in that respect.

  • Maryland (as petitioner) – no show
  • Arizona (as respondent) – no show
  • Maryland (as respondent) – no show
  • Maryland (as petitioner) – no show
  • Illinois (as respondent) – no show
  • Massachusetts (as respondent) – no show
  • Illinois (as respondent) – no show
  • North Carolina (as respondent) – no show

In truth, though, that’s not a “spotty” record; it’s a pretty solid, cakey crapstain of a record.

Oddly enough, also an accurate description of your panties.  What a coinkydink.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Again With “See You In Court?””

  1. I can see it now... a vision of Billy, his Scooty Puff (IRVV, yes, yes) motor laboring valiantly but in vain to haul him away at speed, his muu-muu flapping in the breeze, a trail of fear pee the only reminder he was ever anywhere nearby....

  2. I sooooo hope the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt changes his no-show tune for the hearing on September 27th. Hubby and I made our flight arrangements and rental car reservations just yesterday (which reminds me I need to ask WJJH and/or GM for hotel recommendations).

    As much as I hate to think of spending dime one in that God-forsaken state of Maryland, there is not a chance I am missing this hearing. I seriously doubt, aside from the Domestic Terrorist Brett "The Speedway Bomber" Kimberlin, that any of the other Team Kimberlin goons will show up (as they are all freaking cowards at their very cores, and too damn dirt poor to afford such a trip to boot) – but, in the off chance they sell a kidney and grow a spine... I would not want to miss what is sure to be a pretty entertaining hearing.

    And, just think... if the demented dumbass found the funds and cajones to attend the hearing, he could finally get a good look at his "crowning jewel" Grace. Not that a good look would help him in anyway because... FAILd0xing dipshit... but, maybe he could shoot me one of his vewy skeery "hard stares" like he afforded our Happy Warrior at a hearing a couple years back. *eyeroll*

    With that said... I would, however, strongly suggest that he not in any way, shape, or form even think about approaching me. Hubby don't play. And, for that matter? Neither do I.

    OH, NOEZ! Not the very hard stare! *PFFT*

    Fucking fat pantywaist coward.

    1. The Days Inn is closer to the Courthouse, within walking distance on a pretty day. The other good alternative is the Best Western.

  3. Please don't get your hopes up that the loathsome loser can imitate a man long enough to show up in court. Munko, munko, munko.


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