20 thoughts on “You Know, DUMBFUCK…”

  1. The world is a better place when a dementia-addled freak who repeatedly writes about urinating on children decides to keep its depravity out of public view.

    1. Bill Parvocampus tried to play Pokemon Go on his Vroom Vroom It's Red but had a problem with interacting with couples with children. The problem? He would keep asking to urinate on their children and get a bat to the head every time. He would be fine as he has no neck so the likeliness of a broken neck is next to impossible.

    2. I am not sure that "repeatedly" is quite fair here, Jane, at least if we are talking about public writings. Literally, "repeatedly" does mean just "more than once," but its common usage implies "frequently." You are an archivist. Perhaps you could clarify the number of times that Willie has sung that particular tune. It's the kind of information that might be a public service to those contemplating a date.

      Now as for his private musings, I agree with you wholeheartedly: I'd prefer that he keep them private as would several billion others..

  2. I'd say you misspelled that last word, but the alternative is enjoyable and has a purpose in this world.

  3. How in the hell is he supposed to get more than 10 followers if he hides his tweets?

    Maybe he can ask the nice folks at DKos, to follow him? No? Guess not. How 'bout XMFan? Still a no go? The Examiner? SOL there too huh?

    Maybe he'll have better luck recruiting follows at Kiwi Farms? There are a couple people there that might have an interest in what he has to say.

    Of course, he could reach out to some folks in MeatSpace to follow him. You know, friends, old coworkers, siblings, or children? That no good either?

    I know, maybe he can get some of his fellow residents and the nuns to follow him. They all LOVE him, right?

  4. So...

    Have we identified just *where* the stolen graphics on the proposed album cover originated?

    In particular, the skull with the stogie looks well beyond Cousin Bill's artistic capabilities...

    1. https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-punk-tattoo-style-skull-smoking-cigar-image9840772

  5. Ya know, Paul, it's fun dropping clues about your real identity in postings like this, but my Dear Retarded Cousin is incapable of deciphering them, and his "friends" are almost that stupid, and won't help him, either.

    He going to have an aneurism when the reveal finally happens, though, so there is that!

    In the meantime, we can chuckle at chucklehead's certainty that YOU ARE GRADY, AND HE'S GOT YOU, NOW!!!!!!


    1. Just to let you know, you're driving this staunch ally and devoted reader crazy with your innuendo about Mr. Krendler's true identity. I still have the original post on hand where you put forth the cryptic series of clues, which were confirmed by our host. I spent a furious few hours googling and came up with ... nothing. I even dug it out a few months ago for a second go - same result. To be as dumb as the hapless adversary is truly humiliating. Still enjoyable though. A little bit.

      1. One day, when I'm feeling brave, I'll list those whom I've considered he might be. It's kinda funny.

        1. BELOVED ZOMBIE OVERLORDS: Please double-check this comment to make sure I'm not going too far.

          Tulip, please do not take the following as anything less than respectful toward you. To the contrary, it's out of respect, and confidence that this matters to you, that I wrote it.

          I wish you wouldn't speculate or remind team evil where almost certainly indecipherable clues (otherwise, Roy wouldn't have put them in public), may remain, because put with other info team evil possesses, they could change from 'indecipherable' to 'confirmation.'

          I can't say who, when, or where, but you should know that team evil wrote something that couldn't be anything other than a notice to TFS: "gotcha." Enough time has passed that I think it's ok to acknowledge HZIC even hired a lawyer due to that notice that their true id is known. I mean a lawyer other than those lawyers well known to the horde.

          Then, after that "gotcha" notice... nothing. That shoe will likely drop at some future point, despite the risk to them, but for now, 'apparently someone(s) on team evil hate(s) the fat freak more than they love getting revenge on their self-declared enemy.'

        2. Jane - that's very interesting and concerning, thanks for alerting me. I take no umbrage at all, but am mortified, of course, that I may have, in any way, jeopardized Mr. Krendler's anonymity. I had no idea that anything I might write would be of any assistance at all, as I am operating in the pitch black darkness here. I take your words seriously and shall publicly speculate no more. Well, except to say that, in the past, for a very brief moment there, I actually thought that our delightful HZIC might possibly be Chuck Norris. No joke, that's how highly I think of his devastatingly effective work here!

      2. Don't feel bad, Tulip.

        Krendler has done a good job of hiding his IRL identity.

        I've been around the block a few times, helped with the design and implementation of some of the protocols used, and been doing "white hat" security consulting for two decades.

        I'm a professional. 😉

  6. It's funny that he thinks his "enimies" don't have an original thought. This from the guy that

    1 Steal other peoples copyrighted material and passes it off as his own
    2. Steals other peoples music to put his lyrics to.
    3. Steals other peoples artwork and logos to use as his own
    4. Steals other peoples legal pleadings to use as his own
    5. Steal other peoples ideas to do cartoon to use as his own
    6. Steal other peoples ideas for an internet detective to use as his own

    The list goes on and on. Bill "I want to urinate on children" Schmalfeldt doesn't have an original thought in that big empty head. But it's what we have come to expect from Team Pedo. Accuse the accusers.


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