7 thoughts on “Why Everyone Should Pray For Bill Schmalfeldt”

  1. Hmmmmmmm... it appears someone took down the fat toad's Twitter.

    Spoliation of evidence for 500, Alex.

      1. Roger that, Zombie Grand Poobah.

        He's hoping beyond hope that nobody archived his twittered talentless tattle before he nuked it....

        Hope away, you no necked hack.

        And while you're at it.... stick that Fisher Price music maker of yours up your ass sideways. I'm sure that the resulting noise will be far better than your putrid attempts at singing.

        1. Tattle also works to describe a snitch like the dateless, demented, diversely dependent, demanding, disgusting, delusional, dishonest, despicable, drunk, depraved, and defaulted defendant DUMBF5CK.


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