16 thoughts on “Waitin’ On Hell To Be Unleashed”

  1. Yes, it is Tuesday and the Fear Pee King has promised that he would unleash the Dogs of War on someone.

    Whom will it be?

    Or was he just trying to drown out the laughter with idle threats?

    1. Dogs of War? I think he's confused a pack of incontinent basset hounds for the dogs of war.

  2. It seems Hell is a bit chilly this year.

    I'm reminded of lines from the movie Tombstone and how they might be delivered with similar lack o' climacticness.

    "..but not before I turn your head into a canoe!" /DF world: "..but not before I turn your head into a motorized pleasure yachting experience for from 1 to 8 persons."

    "Are you gonna pull that pistol or are you just gonna stand there and bleed?" / DF world version "Are you gonna continue making podcasts or are you gonna just sit there and whine subaudibly about how unfair everybody is being to you?"

  3. If Aaron needed any further proof that Bill Schmalfeldt was a vexatious and failed litigant, Bill just handed it to him. Bar complaints against a winning lawyer from a pro se plaintiff? Foolish.

  4. Bill, there ya go again. Trying to compartmentalize the Internet. You can't be a complete ass over here while trying to get sympathy and action from Da Gubment over there. They all have computers on their desks. Each and any one of them might get curious and google "Bill Schmalfeldt" I would be surprised if they didn't as a matter of course. Any opinion they had of you would quickly sour.

    Do you think you live in a world where nobody knows you? There is a world like that you know. It's called Real Life. Nobody knows your name there until you introduce yourself..But on the Internet, your name is still Mud.


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