11 thoughts on “This About Sums It Up”

    1. I would go for one minute and that would be a stretch. Name one real accomplishment?

      Education? Nope.
      Raising children to adulthood? Nope.
      Distinguished military service? Nope
      Stellar career? Nope.
      A crowd of good friends? Nope.
      Love of his family? Nope
      Sterling reputation? Nope
      Buying a scooter (It's red VROOM VROOM) ? That doesn't count as an accomplishment

        1. Many people start life with more of an estate than the loathsome loser has after 60 years. What does the fat freak have that the average college student doesn't?

        2. And even if said average college student has comparable worldly possessions, he/she will have family and friends (and an academic record).

  1. http://wwmt.com/news/offbeat/heat-wave-causing-horse-poop-to-burst-into-flames

    1. That brings to mind a question: Do you think he kept the container of horse shit? To use as evidence, or something. Did he haul it all the way to St. Francis with him? Or did he leave it for TJ to clean up?

      1. Oh. You just *know* the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt kept it, AD.

        One can't roll it into balls and sniff it if one has trashed it. I'd wager the tub 'o ZOMG!1! TOXIC WASTE!!1! HAZARDOUS MATERIAL!!1! is sitting on his nightstand alongside an ashtray clock.

        Sick freak.

  2. I can think of one accomplishment that Bwilly made.

    When he was in the Navy, his fat ass was used as ballast for the ship, to keep it from rolling over. That is why he was never allowed on the upper decks.


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