15 thoughts on “So…The Meeting Went Well, Then?”

  1. Clearly it went so remarkably well that a gag order was immediately imposed. That is the only explanation for this very unusual silence.

  2. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Eat a steaming bag of dicks, you no-necked waste of carbon.

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ........Tell us just how great your meeting went today Fat Ass. Explain in detail how Mr Hoge should be so scared of your legal maneuvering that he will drop everything and slither away in defeat. I'm sure that Sara will close her blog on hearing the news of your Friday meeting with Acme Legal. As for Paul Krendler, he might go back to only destroying brains instead of you on a daily basis.

  4. There was no meeting. The fat, nasty built, 400lbs. of chewed bubble gum painted himself into another corner.

    You're a fucking joke, Shakes. Take the cure.

  5. Oh, where have you gone
    Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
    Oh, where have you gone
    Dumbfuck Billy?

    Hopefully to seek the cure,
    'Cause he's such a fucking boor.
    He's The Dumberestfuck;
    There will never be another.

  6. The cum-leak got his puerile jack-off fantasies bitch-slapped by a mall lawyer.
    Go buy a box of Legos fatass.
    More your speed.

  7. There's no need for a twitter account when the victory celebrations in St. Francis are in full swing!

    Oh wait.

    Now that's puzzling.

  8. How I wish I saved Lolcow Billy's blog post from the night that Lulzsuit III got shit-canned directly into hell.

    "There is only justice for the Hoge's of the world," I believe it read. "Not for me."

    He was onto something back then.


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