In Which A DUMBFUCK “Journalist” Forgets He Is A DUMBFUCK, Not A Journalist

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Exit question:  If Hillary Clinton wins the election, won’t that prove Trump’s point?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “In Which A DUMBFUCK “Journalist” Forgets He Is A DUMBFUCK, Not A Journalist”

  1. There are at least three things about that "tweet" that make it obvious that it's a forgery. But DUMBF5CK wants to believe!


    According to my email, this post went live 30 minutes ago. Golden Showers Schmalfeldt and his Kidfucking Komedy commented on it within 25 minutes.

    But he's not a stalker. Everyone else is.


    1. Yet the loathsome loser got slapped with NINE restraining orders from FIVE states, more than the entire horde put together has accumulated. I'd bet it's NINE more than the horde has accumulated.

  3. The Diminished Capacity Kid has a long and adjudicated history of believing what he wants to believe. To the best of my knowledge, it's NEVER worked out they way he hoped it would, but he continues to do it.

    Isn't there a clinical definition for that?

  4. Can you please tell us what the tweet said? It's not showing up on my phone.

    Why am I on my phone so early? Because I have an obligation in the south bay. About which my employer is informed.

    1. There's an alleged tweet from @RealDonaldTrump where he says most Americans are fucking idiots.

      DUMBFUCK, in a nuclear detonation of irony, wants to know if the original tweet is still available.

  5. "Most Americans are fucking idiots"

    Considering that he wrote that in 2011, he must have been talking about the majority of Americans that voted for Obama.

    I see nothing wrong with that tweet, he's right.

  6. The irony of Bill Schmalfeldt asking if a tweet still exists is thicker than molasses in winter. He, the scum who has used almost 200 twitter handles, and had at least half of them banned, has deleted more tweets than most people have ever sent.


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