8 thoughts on “I Have Huge News To Share”

  1. No need for the disclaimer that no one died. I'm sure if anyone you cared about - - rule 5 wife, child, adult child, cousin, great uncle, neighbor, pet, neighbor's pet, etc. - - were ill - - like the 'flu, a cold, bad allergies, a headache, pms, hangnail, etc. - - the last thing you'd be worried about would be a coffeepot.

  2. Maybe it's auditioning for the Java Jive?


  3. Rather than abandoning two dogs. I just drove over 1,100 miles roundtrip to pick up another one. And none of mine had to die for me to do this.

  4. I expect regular updates which tie the subjects of a) the health of loved ones and b) the anticipated appliance needs of the family.
    For example: "Now that Gramma's dying, we won't need to keep her insulin refrigerated, so I can get a smaller Frigidaire. The shelf life of unrefrigerated insulin being 45 days or so, but Gramma? Much less time."

  5. I hope you didn't leave the old coffee maker in the hands of PETA. They are known to put down old coffee makers instead of finding them a new home.


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