I Had To Stop At Ten

Today seems like a day to write about politics.  I don’t do that much because it’s so polarizing and prone to passionate rhetoric as a result.  In the past, it has cost me friendships.

One of my peculiar curses is a talent for seeing connections and patterns. I see and understand how current events link backwards to social causes many decades old.  Today, I started a list of things which, in my opinion, are contributing causes to many of today’s social and political ills.  I’m posting them here in the hopes of starting some discussion like that which I have been observing all over the web today, though not necessarily drilling down into the same topics in the same level of minutiae.

I hope you will both critique and discuss my list, but I hope just a bit more that you will add to it.  I don’t think it’s nearly complete; I could probably run it to 50 points without too much effort.   Maybe you’ll help with that.

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

  1. The union stranglehold on public education.
  2. The end of corporal punishment
  3. The 50+ year social experiment where self-esteem trumps actual accomplishment.
  4. The absence of term limits on elected offices outside the judiciary.
  5. How politics has infested the process of federal judicial appointments, tracing back particularly to Ted Kennedy and Robert Bork.
  6. The 24 hour news cycle
  7. The death of common sense and its replacement with political expediency
  8. The incestuous relationship between the Democratic Party and their Praetorian Guard the Mainstream Media
  9. The notion that there is no longer such a thing as absolute truth
  10. The idea that all social change is progress

Bonus problem, because jokes must be made:  All things Kardashian


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “I Had To Stop At Ten”

  1. 11. Breakdown of the family.

    12. Public sector unions and their incestuous relationship with the DNC.

    1. At least part of #11 can be attributed to the Great Society experiment which makes it financially expedient for lower income parents to not be married or even living together.

  2. I shouldn't play at this because because it only gets me in trouble, but okay ...

    1) Public sector employees shouldn't be unionized at all. I'm not even sure that their contractors should be.
    2) Why should the fucking government be able to hit short people absent due process of law, if you're talking about teachers. So far as I'm aware, parents still can, outside of Vancouver.
    3) I'm not sure what that means, at least as it pertains to adults. If your talking about children, that's a parents job.
    4) You have elections in the United States, right?
    5) Politics in the last 30 years has made everyone stupid.
    6) See five,
    7) Show me a single part that isn't guilty of it. I'd endorse it in heartbeat.
    8) Like the one between the GOP and Fox News and talk radio for the twenty years? You really can't describe yourself as "#1" and "not mainstream" without sounding like a retard. But it IS a good con that I'd applaud, if I was a fan of hucksterism.
    9) There is. I'm just waiting for someone to tell it in more than a 3-second talking point. Media didn't that as much as politicians have. And everyone is considerably dumber for the effort.
    10) Not always, but often. Anything that involves less fucking government is usually positive,

      1. ^--- This x 1000!

        My wife and I were just talking about this the other night. There's a lot of crime and "crime" that take place that a reintroduction of the pillory and the stocks would clear out. Once people start seeing (and be the target of) the direct, public ridicule that those entail, then we should start seeing a change for the better. Imaging 4chan and YouTube comments in Times Square or on the steps of the Capital Building.

        1. Gah - imagine, not imaging. Been out blackberry picking so my fingers aren't communicating with my brain (and my brain's not working) anymore.

        2. I suspect that having a set of stocks in the local mall, and putting any teen caught shoplifting in them the following Saturday (or two) would probably decrease the number of youthful indiscretions very quickly.

        3. Could you imagine hardened criminal serving multi year sentences for, oh, say, a serial bombing campaign, being subject to a lottery (not unlike jury selection!) where there are briefly transferred to a public cell block where they can be shamed by passers by for a week before being transferred back?

          Of course from there is just a hop, skip and a jump to The Annual Purge.

        4. TK members would all be holed up like rats (no offense meant to members of the actual genus rattus) during any annual purge given that they are all cowards and couldn't deal with anyone actually fighting back.

          And of course with their past and present courses of behaviour, they'd have more than a few folks who would happily work together to overcome any protective actions on TK members' part.

      2. Good one. And another important consideration, imo, is the death of outrage.

        There was a time when the citizenry would be in the streets, or dumping tea in a harbor, over much less than what we meekly accept today.

  3. As a former corrrectional officer, I can say the revolving door justice system with prison being a minor annoyance for most career criminals.

    for repeat offenders or long termers, stick them in a max facility on an island; in the desert; in the wilderness; in the frozen north (pick your choice). Take away their internet, cable TV; weight rooms; no congucal visits (more kids oneparent and in welfare state); and other luxuires. Give them a hot and a cot, rehab counsellors, and access to libraries. Any higher education courses they want they pay for.

    And lifers get nothing. Just a cell. Supermax.

  4. You're looking at this the wrong way. The listed items are merely the result of the real problem, which is genetic in nature. You may recall that around 2010 researchers discovered a gene (DRD4) responsible for liberalism in humans. I've since come to the conclusion that liberals can no more change their behavior and defective thought process, than you can will your hair to grow in a different color.

    The discovery of DRD4 was a revelation to me and began to change my view. I had an epiphany once I discovered r/K selection theory and realized that this gene causes r-selected behavior in liberals. Once you understand this concept fully, you will see that the items on your list are symptoms to be expected, but they are not the cause of the gradual societal breakdown that we are seeing. The behavior of TK follows exactly what you'd expect from an r-selected organism. Sexualization at a young age, single parenthood, flight over fight, unwillingness to compete, willingness to capitalize on free resources, etc.

    The real root of the problem is genetics. As a society we've set up breeding grounds where the r-selected gene can proliferate. Free government provided food, shelter, and money allow liberals to live and proliferate like rabbits. We are now at the tipping point where they will now outnumber K-selected conservatives who are the productive, competitive members of society.

    Read more here - http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/the-theory/rk-selection-theory/

    But the book here - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DT9ZLS0/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

    1. Whether it's genetic or a trained mindset, there can be no doubt that the 'good intentions' of wannabe social engineers who are very rarely, if ever, subject to the consequences of their grand schemes, have caused incalculable damage to our society, and undermined our constitution almost out of existence.

      The 17th amendment, The Curse of the Withholding Tax and allowing those who don't pay taxes to vote for ever more benefits for themselves exacerbate the underlying moral deficiencies that brought us to this point.

      Of course, imo, the very biggest damage has been done by turning away from God, and begging His forgiveness is the only thing that can save us.

  5. God has nothing to do with it. Whatever happened to him helping those who help themselves? We need to fight back. Shut off the the spigot to the welfare state, take our schools back, and throw our politicians out of office no matter their affiliation. The size and scope of government has gotten way out of hand.

    IMO, Christian conservatives are a big part of the problem. Men of the cloth tend to be anti-capitalist and not entirely on board with freedom and liberty. Just look at the losers they've backed; Bush and the current majority in the house and senate. Completely ineffective at limiting the size and scope of government and the disease that is progressive thought and policy.

    Meanwhile, social tensions grow. Not between the races as the media would have you believe but between the free cheese eating progressives and the hard working Americans who get up everyday, compete, raise one or two kids and strive to give those kids every advantage they can. They make sacrifices and they figure it out all while carrying the load for the other 50%.

    1. Depends on the underlying beliefs of those men of the cloth. I can identify several off the top of my head (including my father-in-law) who are complete capitalists, small government conservatives that just want to improve the country. The social conservative block that's causing a lot of the backlash from liberals is not liked by this group. Conservatives pastors that believe that society's safety net should be the churches of the local communities, not the federal government. Pastors that will speak up about the evil they perceive around them, but seek to counsel individuals, rather than rant, "there oughta be a law!!" Men of the cloth who seek to restore a firm family foundation for society, rather than rip society apart due to dogmatic spewing. Men who, while they disagree with someone's lifestyle, and given an opportunity, will politely, in all loving care, discuss it, one on one, with the person, but they will still support those people with the shirt of their backs, if needed. It's not a race thing, because ALL fall short glory and have sinned. ALL need to seek God's forgiveness and return to His teachings. Some of the folks I'm thinking of are black, white, asian, middle eastern (persian and arab stock).

      Needless to say, the blanket condemnation of men of the cloth touched a little close to home. Now, I'm not saying that all religious leaders are like this. I'd say that a majority (sadly) aren't. The more bureaucratic the religious hierarchy is, the less likely they are to fit the description I gave above. But, if you look, you'll find men (and women in some denominations/religious) in every religion that does qualify. These are the folks that we need to encourage.

      -- sham


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