4 thoughts on “Here’s A Thought, Smokey Cumguzzle…”

  1. Poor Bill "I want to urinate on children" Schmalfeldt. Even after a judge rammed the very detailed explanation of Cassidy up his ass several times, he still can't seem to quite grasp the difference between talking ABOUT someone (NOT harassment) and talking TO someone. I guess that's why he has 9 restraining orders against him and his "enemies" have none.

    1. The thing is, Bill pedophile Schmalfeldt won't respect that difference until the criminal justice system and/or Canticle and Juniper Courts start heaping consequences on Billy for ignoring that distinction.

  2. No surprise that 20 homepage hits in <24 hours https://hogewash.com/2016/07/15/logins-160/ came from a repeatedly adjudicated a stalker

  3. 9 restraining orders, 9, could be more might be as many as 15 if people had the time to take off work and go get one. 9 restraining orders, yeah and he's a victim as well. Off topic, I wonder how the research on perjury is going.


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