24 thoughts on “Dating Tips For the Demented, Disabled, Not-So-Recently Widowed Senior Citizen”

  1. I truly cannot imagine anyone, male or female, being so desperate they'd consider such a useless, loathsome loser.

  2. The only way that fat fucking load of whaleshit could make itself desirable to anything would be to suck start a shotgun.

    1. If he rubbed himself down in bacon grease and peanut butter, he could get some love from the local mutts for a short time.

  3. haha....I see you ALSO just read that pathetic bit of spew Billy just shat out..


  4. I think you are all being very cruel even when it's somebody as evil as Bill "Toddler Stalker" Schmalfeldt. I'm sure there are plenty of people that would give him a whirl.

    (Oh how I wish embedded pics and urls worked here. It's a long weekend for the undead proprietor. Just sayin.......)




    See, there is plenty of hope for Bill to find everlasting happiness.

    1. OMG! Just NO! EEEEEW!

      I hate you, TOLF. lol!

      Where's Kyle and his time machine when you need him, dammit?!

    1. I hear a lot of that goes on in Craig's List, but have never needed that kind of service, myself.

  5. Think of all the fans of the TV show that never knew the theme song had lyrics!

  6. LOL, DUMBFUCK sociopath Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't like it when people do to him what he does to other people...

    1. Hummmmm. Doesn't FarceBroke have a "Real Name" requirement now? Makes it kind of hard for Teh Blab to conceal his (disgusting) past...

  7. I'll just leave this here... I'm sure a certain Zombie might know what to do with it...

      1. "One-man woman" ?

        Also I thought he was ready to topple over in any gentle breeze outside the safety of his paupers lair,..but he's ready to open doors,pull strings and walk(!) on the wild side of the sidewalk like he's a coked-up David Bowie on Soul Train, for m'lady.

        Also he's very patient.

        In truth I hope he finds a companion to divert him from his wasted effort hobbies, but jeez. I hope she doesn't see all that stuff about him on the noted right wingnuts sites a Daily Kos and. Popehat. And xm- fan forum. Or see those letters from the Examiner explaining ....well, any she can judge for herself.

        1. "Very Patient". Maybe he means he's an extreme patient, a non-stop mendicant with a million chores for a captive nurse.

        2. Bill Schmalfeldt never has had "companions." Hostages, maybe, but...

  8. "In the meantime, if my friends -- my REAL FRIENDS -- could flood thus timeline with vouchers for my character it might help settle things. Meeting someone new is always scary. But it's even scarier when you've been Google bombed by people demanding that you kill yourself. Any good words would go a long way toward helping."

    Bill begs for character vouchers. Gets crickets. The flood is barely a sprinkle.

    As if anything other people can say would negate Bill's own words, which is what the google search will find and send any sane woman running for the hills.

    1. Yep, unless Cousin Bill fronts cash, he's going to be alone for the rest of his days...and perhaps even then. There is a personal cost to being toxic...

      I have a good friend, we'll call him Herb. Herb lives in an assisted living facility, mostly because he and his wife lived there before she passed a couple years ago, of cancer. He doesn't cook or clean, so it is convenient for him, it's close to all his friends, and to his family.

      Herb tells me the women who live there would fuck him to death, if he didn't pace himself. The women to men ratio is 5:1, and even higher if you count the guys who can't perform.

      He also tells me some of those old gals are freaky. They were "good girls" all their lives, and now they are determined to carpe the fuckin' diem.

      Let's be clear - Herb is no treat to the eyes, either. I call him "Herb the Hedgehog" to his face. I won't pass on his nickname for me... 😉

      That Cousin Bill can't get any speaks more of Bill, than of his situation.

      1. We'll maybe his publicly-proclaimed impotence is a silver lining for anyone desperate enough to pretend to tolerate his company.

      2. The year I spent in a nursing home (after a medical incident a little over two years ago) bears out Herb's experience. I was - by a long way - the youngest male there. I'm no prize, but even *I* had to beat them back.

    2. Wow. Only the desperate do things like that. If people can't see who you are - no matter the things that you've written yourself that are online - and you have to beg for recommendations, well, I just can't even. Perhaps he can plead a split personality? IDK.


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