Credit Where Due

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On the rare occasions when DUMBFUCK is right, he deserves credit. No judge is going to force a disabled man to travel for a court hearing.

DUMBFUCK is absolutely correct.  And I said so at the time.

But I also said “no judge would rule in your favor should you fail to appear to defend yourself. Entirely your call.”

No one is forcing DUMBFUCK to travel.  The choice is his.

Whatever he chooses will lead to an action. Or a lack of action, as the case may be.

That action (or failure to act) will PROCEED to a clearly FORESEEABLE consequence.

And if when ALL PROCEEDS AS ANYONE COULD HAVE FORESEEN, who will bear the responsibility for the consequence?

The decision maker, who decides whether to act or not to act.

That is the question.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Credit Where Due”

      1. You are a sick man, a very sick man. You WANT to see part of his body! This condition is probably treatable, perhaps even curable, with a combination of electro-shock therapy and psychoactive medications. There is, however, no time to waste.

  1. I really don't understand why he thinks that he is so special that the law doesn't apply to him. The court ruled that it had jurisdiction over him. He should have known that he was EVENTUALLY going to be called there once his first MTD was denied and the court said he was theirs. Courts don't make a ruling and then say "oh, sorry! My bad!" to reverse course about a thing like jurisdiction.

    He's like a toddler who doesn't want to do something. I have lots of experience with toddlers not wanting to do things. They learn - eventually - that the adult wins. But there is always lots of wailing and crying and feet kicking. Always.

  2. As it turns out, @MusicUnshackled and I have something in common! Neither one of us wants to travel to Maryland to defend ourselves in a civil lawsuit filed by someone we dislike.

    Of course, in my case there is this:

    1. Whaaaat? You mean there are people whose whole career is just understanding and effectively arguing the law? Wonder if Unca Biwwy the Child Urinator knows about these?

      1. Oh he knows. Do you remember that he was so upset when his opponents hired an incompetent attorney that he pled with the court to require the defendants to get a better one? And he takes good care to ensure that attorneys in states half a continent away are adhering to the canons of legal ethics. And he has Ely almost on retainer.

      2. Sure enough, TOLF! And they even get paid for representing people in front of judges and everything!

        Would UBtCU tell you that the Maryland and Federal courts are unfairly discriminating against him because they won't let his Most Excellent Friend speak for him in court? No justice system is worthy of the name if it prohibits people from being represented by whomever they choose....

    2. ZOMG! Shock! Surprise! I am ASTOUNDED! How can this be? You MUST be hauled there, mustn't you?

      Oh wait. The case just got dismissed this morning for you I think. Guess you don't have to go after all. lolololol

  3. Wait! Think before y'all jump to conclusions about the Fear Pee King's tweet.

    He and his pedo-pal the Bomber have been known to fake evidence, signatures and other items, what is to say that those x-rays are actually of Bwilly? I bet I can find x-rays like those on Google Images in 5 minutes.

    Unless those x-rays and a Certified Doctor's affidavit attesting to Bwilly's claims are produced, I don't believe anything he spouts, or provides.


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